Post-climategate….a group of academics get together and arrive conclusions that align with their view of the world– what could go wrong?!

Gathering this weekend in Seattle for the annual American Political Science Association convention, several professors argued that tea party Republicans are more likely than other voters, and even than most others in the GOP, to harbor racial hostility, as judged by their answers in a broad pre-election survey administered in October 2010.”

Do these Professors ever get together and ask whether Liberals/Progressives are more likely to be clueless, economically illiterate socialists who loathe America? Just asking. Worth looking into, no? Would those same professors decline to do such a study because they find that conclusion too obvious or would they be stuck in the position of “what’s wrong with socialism”?

But like Mr. JacobsonMr. Abramowitz also said they were more likely to harbor racial resentment, which he judged based on their answers to questions such as whether blacks could succeed as well as whites if they “would only try harder,” and whether they agreed with the statement that Irish, Italians and Jews overcame prejudice and “blacks should do the same without any special favors.”

Mr. Abramowitz said tea party supporters were substantially more likely than other voters to question how much effort black Americans are making to advance themselves versus being held back by social factors.”

So questioning the motivation level to work as a cause of racial inequities is in itself racist? Examine the two attitudes below:

So a Tea Party person’s attitude is: “You can do anything you want in the world if you put in the hard work. You’re held back by nothing.”

A Leftist says: “the reason you can’t do anything is because of the circumstances that surround you, and you are completely powerless to help yourself and to change your station in life. Not without government help.”

Which perspective is more empowering? Which worldview harbors more prejudice?

[Read “Academics dub tea partyers devout, racist” at the]


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