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May 23, 2011

PHANTOM MENACE? Headley: Pakistani Intelligence Group Nurtures Terrorism

Two excerpts of note:
1. “Headley also related how his LeT handler Ali took his phone number and told him that a “Major Iqbal” would be calling him about an operation in India. The prosecution case mentions a “Major Iqbal,” believed to be a serving ISI officer, who is alleged to have coordinated the Mumbai attacks.”

2. “The courtroom drama aside, disclosure of ISI-LeT nexus and their involvement in the Mumbai attack comes at a time Pakistan’s role in terrorism is under worldwide scrutiny, particularly after the US elimination of Osama bin Laden, even as the country itself is under attack from terrorists it has allegedly fostered. Headley’s initial testimony, as widely expected, is seen to have exposed Pakistan as a state perpetrator of terrorism, even though its people are also victims of the same menace.” [TIMES OF INDIA]