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July 7, 2011

NUGENT: Obama Punking America, “Bend over Red Rover, let Fedzilla take over.”

NUGENT: “President Obama’s very own Council of Economic Advisers has released a scathing report on the impact of his near-trillion-dollar economic stimulus package. Its analysis: Each job created or saved cost the American taxpayer a whopping $287,000.

The insane punking of America punks on.

It would have been much cheaper simply to write a check for $100,000 to each person who found a job or whose job was saved because of the president’s stimulus/fleecing package. That would have saved the taxpayers almost $500 billion.

Yet this president wants Americans to believe that Fedzilla is a good steward of taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Sure, and while we are at it, Mr. Obama, let’s raise the debt limit another trillion or so dollars so we can allow Fedzilla to borrow and burn up hundreds of billions of other tax dollars that our grandchildren have yet to earn.”

Since Mr. Obama breezed into the White House on a message of “hope and change,” he has increased the nation’s debt by more than 4 trillion in less than three years and has caused unemployment to rise, not fall. Blame George W. Bush if you want for all this bad news, but it is Mr. Obama’s political neck in the economic noose.

Bad economic news is all this president and his fantasy-driven supporters have had to swallow since coming into office. That is the result of subscribing to bad economic advice and policy that purports that Fedzilla, not the free market, knows best.”

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