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August 23, 2011


JIMBO: “London is burning and the search is on for a way to avoid the bleedingly obvious, the welfare state has created a class off looters and moochers. Atlas Shrugged is actually some of the best political satire since Gulliver’s Travels. Rand didn’t know she was doing satire, but she created a perfect caricature of the modern welfare state. And now London and Athens and everywhere else the non-productive class feels slighted, are reaping the rewards of redistributing the wealth to those who lay claim to entitlements that must be provided by government.

Liberal social policies have brought western civilization to the breaking point. They had the best of intentions, just ask them. But they, and sadly we, are getting a heaping dose of the law of unintended consequences. If you train an entire cohort of society to believe that the government doesn’t just offer a safety net but a way of life, well you get this- gangs of scum who will take what they want if the free lunch stops showing up. The chattering class is doing their level best to paint this as a legitimate reaction to dire economic times, and for once I agree with them. This is what happens when you run out of other people’s money.”

[Read Uncle Jimbo’s “The Progeny of the Welfare State” at]

July 2, 2011

RED EYE FLASHBACK: Olbermann Gets Reamed by Coulter on Keith’s Claim He Went to Cornell

July 2, 2011

RED EYE FLASHBACK: Red Eye Crew Rips Garofalo and Olbermann

June 30, 2011

DRAMATIC POETRY READING OF Lindsey Piscitell’s “The Blue Light (from the gas stove)” (‘er whatever the hell she calls this drivel)

Just to show Ms. Lindsey Piscitell (or is it Lindsey Jean now?) that we’re not totally heartless, we’ve decided to highlight her poetry. Please pass this on to all of your friends and post it on your facebook, because there’s actually a tremendous amount of entertainment value in this very serious piece of…

I believe this poem is called “The Blue Light From the Gas Stove” and if it isn’t well, hell, we’ll just call it that. I’ve contacted noted Columbia English professor Dr. Seamus McDermott, PhD to interpret this poem for the neanderthals amongst us who have no appreciation for arts, culture, poetry, and manscaping.

Dr. McDermott: Clearly this piece references a failed relationship of a short-term and exclusively physical nature, likely brokered over the casual encounters section of craigslist. It’s middle afternoon, so obviously the narrator is an unemployed single female. Either she’s unemployed or she was able to cut out of work because her father, who is the head of the company, let her off early. She’s in the bedroom of a much older person who has lived in the City for quite some time, and the reason you know this is from the line: “the quiet pace of the clock-tick”. Single people in their 20s own digital clocks, NOT analog clocks that go tick. She adds “the mantle, stoic, approving”, therefore, she is in the presence of a man who is stoic and approves of her. Perhaps he’s a blind, older gentleman who isn’t too particular.

“married airshafts” — this is a crude copulation reference that needs no explanation. But, clearly, this gentleman is married. The immature writer, showing her disdain for his not having left the wife, explicitly states that he’s married, as if to shame him in a passive-aggressive manner. Figuratively, the narrator sees herself as the teapot/blue light: “grew much older”, “demonstrating determination”.  The narrator is impressed with her growth, maturation, and evolution, though, for some reason, the rest of the world isn’t able to see her as she is able to, and this is a source of much consternation on her part.  “The blue light danced…with its reflection…to the delight of the hall mirror” — she installed a stripper poll for her older, blind craigslist lover, and now she performs a lap dance for him on a webcam. Disturbing stuff really. The poem is one of triumph. She’s no longer going to live off her parents. No. She’s determined to find a proper sugar daddy. She will survive.

DARJEELING EXPRESS: Dr. McDermott, what do you make of the writer’s skill as a poet?

MCDERMOTT: Listen, I’m going to be honest with you. Poetry is crap. 99.99% of it is garbage, but what do you expect in a field with no barrier to entry and all kinds of hacks like this one calling herself a poet. I read thousands of these poems from my pretentious students, and if I’m lucky, out of those thousands, maybe one will actually make me feel something. And usually it’s something the student copied from an actual poet. Point is, this person is no different from the thousands of 20something females in NYC — they adore the smell of their B.S. first thing in the morning. I don’t even know how half of them afford to live in this craphole of a city.

DARJEELING EXPRESS: Thank you for your time, doc.

Again, this is the interpretation of one Dr. Seamus McDermott, Professor of English at Columbia University. We’re more than happy to hear your interpretations. We at the Darjeeling Express are asking you, our readers, to go through Ms. Piscitell’s poetry — New York Times & Palin Email style — and tell us what you think. Interpret it for us.

June 29, 2011

FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA? AMERICAN THINKER — Obama isn’t un-American because he’s black. He’s un-American because his statist/centrally planned/Marxist ideology is…well, NOT AMERICAN!

Jay Clarke: “Something is wrong with Barack Obama.  We all know it.  We all see it.  When he speaks about America, Americans cringe.  There is a strangeness to his manner, an unease when he talks about America.  He appears awkward and uncomfortable.  His speech seems performed and practiced yet, oddly halting.  It’s reminiscent of American POW’s in Vietnam or Iraq reading a forced confession.  His eyes, expressions, and vocal tone are disconnected from his words.  The words themselves often sound American, but the delivery is clinical and detached.  His attempts at patriotic sentiment ring hollow and phony.  “Once again, with feeling!” is how Americans are left feeling.  He just doesn’t seem right.  He doesn’t seem like, well…one of us.  

Before anyone “goes there” and makes accusations of racism, this is about a pervasive, nagging, national perception that Barack Obama does not intuitively understand or appreciate America or Americans.  Not our past.  Not our present or future.  He just doesn’t act or sound like an American.  In fact, there are good reasons and ample evidence for why.

[READ Jay Clarke’s “The Un-American American President ” at American Thinker]

June 29, 2011

COULTER: “Liberals are not like most Americans. They are the biggest pussies on Earth, city-bred weaklings who didn’t play a sport and have never been in a fight in their entire lives. Their mothers made excuses for them when they threw tantrums and spent way too much time praising them during toilet training.”

Coulter: “I could draw a mug shot of every one of Beck’s tormentors, and I wasn’t there.

Beck and his family would have been fine at an outdoor rap concert. They would have been fine at a sporting event. They would have been fine at any paid event, mostly because people who work for the government and live in rent-controlled apartments would be too cheap to attend.

Only a sad leftist with a crappy job could be so brimming with self-righteousness to harangue a complete stranger in public.

A liberal’s idea of being a bad-ass is to say vicious things to a conservative public figure who can’t afford to strike back. Getting in a stranger’s face and hurling insults at him, knowing full well he has too much at risk to deck you, is like baiting a bear chained to a wall.

They are not only exploiting our lawsuit-mad culture, they are exploiting other people’s manners. I know I’ll be safe because this person has better manners than I do.

But they’re not even embarrassed. To the contrary, being part of the majority makes liberals feel great! Honey, wasn’t I amazing? I stood in a crowd of liberals and called that conservative a c**t. Wasn’t I awesome?

This is a liberal’s idea of raw physical courage.

[READ Ann Coulter’s “Glenn Beck vs The Mob” at]

Some more examples of lefty hoodlums: David Kernell and Maurice Schwenkler

And of course Lindsey Piscitell:

June 29, 2011


[To get the full story check out]

Lindsey Piscitell is a twenty-something New Yorker/San Franciscan/Nomad who likes to think of herself as a member of the creative underclass. In between panic attacks and espresso-fueled internet benders she likes to write short stories and also sometimes poetry.”

Anyone who describes herself as a member of the creative underclass is conveying the following:

‘I write short stories, aka pieces, and my work is unknown because I’m unskilled at it. I’m unskilled at it, but I insist on doing it and branding myself as a writer because it makes me feel relevant. In the meantime I write for a zine!’

The truth is “creative underclass” means something far simpler:  unemployed and unemployable hippie losers with no working skills to speak of, and no redeeming social value (i.e. are completely useless in a capitalist society) whatsoever. We sit around and write amateurish stories and poetry all day that no one will ever read. We submit our stories for short story contests, some of them get published by random nobodies (we’re still unpublished) and it makes us happy.

I’m not a regular Glenn Beck follower. I don’t have strong feelings about the man one way or the other. I don’t love him. I don’t hate him. But I certainly can’t stand rude assholes like Lindsey Piscitell who violate personal space. I can’t stand deranged toolbags who feel the need to be obnoxious New Yorkers in front of a man who is simply trying to enjoy an evening with his family. When you’re out with your wife and daughter in NYC you are as vulnerable as you can be because you’re trying to protect the only two people who mean the world to you. Your only purpose in life at that moment is to completely protect them from harm. And some asshole like Piscitell has to be a total bitch (sorry, there’s no other word) while the man is minding his own business and not bothering anyone. You throw wine on his wife — what is the best way for him to defend his family right at that moment? Tell me. How is he supposed to respond? The man has been on his Gandhi ‘turn the other cheek’ kick for a year. What’s he going to do? Respond to Piscitell? Chew her out? Move to another part of the park (give Piscitell that satisfaction?) My gawd, the man is with his daughter. Can’t you pick another time to be a total asshole??

Here’s Piscitell’s tweet:

dANGLINGbABY‎: Fucking #asshole @glenbeck is siting next to me at Bryant park movie night #getthefuckoutofmycity [pic]

Oh! So it’s your city now?? Manhattan was built off the backs, not of the “creative underclass”, but off the sweat and ingenuity of people Ms. Piscatell would take issue with: those evil, corporatist fat-cats with their big wallets, their clever ideas that allow people to get employed, and their tendency to throw their money and invest all over the City. Entrepreneurs, capitalists, ya know, people who dig money. People like Beck who apparently has done quite well for himself with his radio career. He wants to watch The 39 Steps with his kid, and this asshat Piscitell is just so offended that a Republican or conservative would show up to watch an Alfred Hitchcock film; as if true art only belongs to the cultured elites of the creative underclass and you’re repulsed that a know-nothing Neanderthal like Beck would show up (oh lord, he might share your taste in film and art. god forbid!) You’re so emotionally disturbed that you can’t get over yourself for a couple of hours??

This is what these people do, right? They have no real use in society. They bitch and moan. They’re frustrated with their lives. Persistently unhappy. Their writing doesn’t get published by a major publishing house (writing being the one field they feel they’re exceptional at). They suspect they’ve been giant disappointments to their parents who’ve been supporting them financially for years. Ya know, liberals.

So Piscitell claims that spilling wine on Beck’s wife was a “happy accident” (‘happy’? really? keep it class, asshole). But then there’s this tweet from Piscitell’s friend, Marissa Barker, in response to Pisc’s tweet about Beck:

Yes… “accidentally”. What a gem this one is. Her parents must be ever so proud.

More on Piscitell:

Lindsey Piscitell

Marketing & Media Strategist

Greater New York City Area 
Marketing and Advertising
  • Marketing and Media Manager at
  • East Coast Marketing Manager at Genesis Today, Inc.
  • Field Marketing Manager Northeast at Mix1 Beverage Company
  • New York City Marketing Coordinator at IZZE Beverage Company (Division of PEPSICO)
    • Team Manager/ Research Assistant, Dept. Of Sociology atNew York University
    • Intern at WCBS News Radio 880
    • Law Intern at Dechert LLP
    • Part Time Administrative Assistant at DAMG Worldwide
  • New York University

A marketing and media strategist? Haha…okay, sure. Is there another more completely useless and uninformative job title in Manhattan? Basically you’re unemployed because you’re a loser. Another NYU genius.

Here are some more pics of Piscitell. She’s a peach, ain’t she. Lil’ miss “creative underclass”.

Here’s what Piscitell looks like mid-sentence as she’s harassing regular, hard-working people who have as much right to hang out in Bryant Park and watch classy movies as she does:

Here’s Piscitell on the left in all her toothy glory:

Piscitelli is the reason NYC went from being one of the awesome cities in the world to being one of those cities with a bunch of rude, obnoxious assholes. Thanks, Piscitell. You can’t leave people be? You can’t let a man enjoy a picturesque evening in Bryant Park? You have to be the rude, obnoxious New Yorker? You’re not even from New York, asshole. You’re a regular loser, leach, twat who contributes NOTHING to the city, but you take it upon yourself to throw wine on some woman you don’t even know. Classy.

If you wish to tell Ms. Piscitell your feelings personally, by all means: or (thanks, d)

[Whether or not I agree with Glenn Beck on particular issues, I’d like to offer my sincerest apologies to Mr. Beck, his wife, and his daughter. It’s a shame they had to be exposed to Lindsey Piscitell. I feel bad your wife was essentially assaulted, and it saddens me that your daughter had to come face to face with the realities of people like Piscitell and their deranged version of civil and tolerant behavior.]

Make sure to check out a Poetry Reading of one of Piscitell’s poems.

June 18, 2011


In Bill Keller’s little excuse for a blog, otherwise known as a New York Times op-ed, the former editor gives one of the sadder and more pathetic missives you’ll ever read in the world of pseudo-journalism. And when I say sad and pathetic, I mean that genuinely. This is a defeated man crying uncle because little, uneducated Sarah Palin — nemesis to all intellectuals and faculty academics — has checkmated him and his staff of credentialed dunces once too often.

If the 2012 election were held in the newsrooms of America and pitted Sarah Palin against Barack Obama, I doubt Palin would get 10 percent of the vote.

Seeing as how she likely would get anywhere from 30-40+% (at worst) in an actual election matchup against Obama, what does that say about the state of the current newsroom in America?

The evidence of Palin’s scorn for what she calls the lamestream media is abundant, but I was struck by the gratuitous quality of one remark she tossed off during that Rolling Thunder rally in Washington the Sunday before Memorial Day. When an NPR reporter asked what had brought her to the event, she replied, “It is our vets who we owe our freedom — not the politician, not the reporter — it is our vets, so that’s why we’re here.”

There is, I suppose, a gracious way to translate her comments. She might have meant to convey something along the lines of: “I’m sincerely humbled by the sacrifice our veterans have made to defend the freedoms I enjoy in my capacity as a politician and Fox News media pundit.” But I think we all know she meant nothing of the kind.

No, actually we don’t know that. And this is part of the problem with Lefty Liberal Whackadoos covering conservatives and libertarians. It’s a little thing from college undergrad called deconstructionism. Sometimes when normal, everyday Americans speaketh, they literally mean exactly what they say. I know, I know: you, Bill Keller, don’t give two caffe latte’s about U.S. veterans or the military. You despise them. We get it. And you think all human beings couldn’t possibly be serious when they praise the military. They’re just giving lip-service according to your world view. When she said that politicians and reporters were not directly responsible for our freedoms in the direct hands-on way that the U.S. military is, it was not an indictment of pols or the stenographers who report on the pols. But of course everything is about you, isn’t it Bill?

“I’ll let the politicians stick up for themselves; I do hope they’ll ask if her contempt applies to the politicians who wrote that Constitution our worthy veterans swore to defend.

Now you’re just not even making any damn sense. You seriously need an editor to go over this stuff. Where in Palin’s statement do you find an enmity toward politicians? What are you even talking about, Billy-boy? Are you writing this from Jerry Maguire’s hotel room, under the blankets??

But I do not think Palin intended her remark simply as a cheap applause line; after all, at that moment she was not pandering from a Tea Party stage but speaking to an audience of NPR listeners, who I’m pretty sure have a less malign view of the press. No, her remark was automatic, like acid reflux.

Automatic like acid reflux? That doesn’t even make any sense.What you meant to say is, “No, her remark was automatic, like the Babinski reflex.” Or “No, her remark was automatic, like a facial tic.” Those responses, on top of making intuitive sense, are also medically consistent with your point. Acid reflux is not automatic per se. There’s a chronic wear and tear process on the gastro-esophageal junction that allows acid to leak back up into the esophagus.  I’m guessing somehow you’re confusing reflux with reflexive? Is that what you’re going for?? You know, Bill, I have a lot of respect for what you attempt to do at your job. But, for an educated, elite Pomona grad: you’re kind of a fuckin’ moron. And, I mean that respectfully.

So, Mr. Keller goes on and on about Palin’s disdain for the media. Is this really worthy of the op-ed column of a once proud newspaper? Politicians having an adversarial relationship with the people who cover them ( at 11)? No one really cares about the New York Times not getting along with Sarah Palin. But the timing is unusual coming a couple of weeks after Palin’s Memorial Day media blitz when she completely pwned, used n’ abused, and played the mainstream press. Keller even acknowledges this (underline and bold added for emphasis): “The press, I think, returns her antipathy in part because she makes us feel ridiculous.

And I suspect the media embarrassment Keller and the entire MSM feel is what this entire silly and sad op-ed is truly about: Sarah Palin kicked our ass, wah! wah! wah! I can only imagine, in the weeks after Palin’s bus tours and Harley rides when she made the MSM grab their ankles and touch toes, Keller was cornered at Upper West Side dinner parties and confronted by haughty members of his crusty peer group: Sarah Palin made us look like fools, how could you let this happen, Bill? Your newspaper in particular has single-handedly done more to make Palin look sympathetic (and our liberal cause look pathetic) than anything else! Even Demi and Ashton are mad at you guys for pilfering through her emails!!

Plenty of others have endured the pain of mainstream-media excoriation but have remained civil and responsive.

This comment reveals Keller’s inability to grasp the current political climate and the role his paper plays (or, truly, does not play in it). No one needs the New York Times’ seal of approval to do anything in the news. Sarah Palin, and no Republican for that matter, doesn’t need an endorsement from the Editorial staff at the Times to defeat Obama. Palin, by my mind, has not been uncivil. She has been quite effectively mocking, playing with, and teasing the press. Within the swath of America, outside of the tiny isle of Manhattan, there are those who share Palin’s bewilderment and contempt at the state of news reporting and journalism; particularly at those who make no effort to report two sides of a story and allow their own personal biases and political affections to seep into their coverage. Palin has been very responsive to people who want to hear from her. Apparently, just not to the New York Times, and that’s fine by the rest of us. We canceled our subscriptions years ago, and we no longer even bother sneaking a peak at the stray copies on the floor of our local coffee shops. Hey, Bill, Palin doesn’t owe you a damn thing.

“Perhaps one key to Palin’s dislike of the news media is a streak of intellectual insecurity, or a trace of impostor syndrome.

Why say ‘perhaps’? Why not just say what you really mean: “I think Palin’s dislike of the news media is due in part to her lack of intelligence.” I don’t see your paper investigating the intellectual bankruptcy that is one Barack Obama, Jr. 57 states? Profits to earnings ratio? Cinco de quatro? Corpse-men? Giving asthmatics breathalyzers? Physicans needlessly taking out tonsils to scratch out a payroll?  Shovel-ready not so shovel-ready? And where are Barry’s legendary and stellar transcripts? He’s so well-educated, like the NYU woman on the Metro North, he doesn’t need to show his immaculate transcripts, right? Tell me again, Billy, about intellectual insecurity and a trace of the impostor syndrome.

“A few months ago I was startled to hear my 13-year-old daughter, who has a Hillary Clinton campaign sticker on her bedroom door, say she thought Palin was “cool.” I wondered if this was just a burst of teenage contrarianism. It turned out Molly’s sympathy had nothing to do with politics or feminism.”

Yes, yes. Because 13-year olds are so obsessed with politics and feminism, Bill. And why would it be contrarianism? Unless you’re preaching to your daughter that Palin is uncool, and she’s rebelling against you. Smart kid.

“It was simply that in watching “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC, my empathetic daughter had perceived a woman happily, spiritually at home. She suspected the Palin family would be miserable in the shark tank of national politics. ”

Bill, are you embarrassed that your daughter empathizes with Sarah Palin? Be honest.  (By the way, if you’ve seen Palin’s show, do you really have the impression that she’d be miserable in a shark tank?)

I thought of my daughter’s remark as I followed coverage of Palin’s bizarre noncampaign campaign bus tour, featuring Greta van Susteren as a sidekick in a sort of Sisterhood of the Traveling Palins.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Palins? Ahhh, I get it Bill. Because they’re both women and they’re gabbing, gossiping, and doing whatever it is that women do when they’re bonding. Great observation! With regards to Palin’s media blitz Keller concluded, “…on the whole it felt like an excruciating, fish-out-of-water sequel to her earlier reality show. ” You watch quite a bit of Fox News there, Billy. You intuit really peculiar things, because by my eye it looked like Palin was having  a blast. Perhaps you wished Palin felt more like a fish out of water so you could bully her and ostracize her out of politics. Every journalist’s wet dream is to satiate their Palin derangement syndrome by reenacting the opening gym shower scene from Carrie.

The most surreal moment in this odd cavalcade was 10-year-old Piper Palin scolding a Time magazine photographer, “Thanks for ruining our vacation.” That was the sound of a kid lashing out at her mom’s new live-in boyfriend.

How is that surreal? There’s nothing the least bit surreal about that. Surreal would be if Piper appeared in a mime costume in full make up and released a dove from her hands. That would be surreal, Bill! A 10-year old girl trying to protect her mom from reporters who are always trying to rag on her family is pretty normal well-adjusted behavior. What’s with this “live-in boyfriend” analogy?? Why you gotta’ go there, Bill? Something you want to get off your chest? I swear, between this and the acid reflux, you come up with the worst and the weakest metaphors. (Might I recommend the Gotham Writer’s Network? They could seriously help you with your writing.)

Palin can’t ignore us. ” Uhh, I’m pretty sure she does.

Or was that supposed to read more like, “PALIN CAN’T IGNORE US, DAMMIT!”? More along the lines of Glenn Close’s “I won’t be ignored, Dan!” from Fatal Attraction?

But if she does have ambitions for higher office…” Is that what this is all about Bill? Are you still worried Palin is going to be your President come January 2013 and you and half of Manhattan will have to make good on your promise to move to Canada? Perhaps I’m not reading her correctly, but I’m not really sure she does have those kinds of ambitions. I know you have no idea what she’s thinking. So why are you even fretting about something that hasn’t even happened yet? Let me try using one of your analogies: it’s like, she’s this hot girl who is completely of out your league and isn’t the least bit interested in your scrawny ass, and so there’s no point in you writing a long, long (long!) letter to pre-emptively break up with her, because, at this point, she still doesn’t even acknowledge your existence. Get it?

We can’t ignore her, either. ” If you really despise this woman as much as you do, then I believe, Bill Keller, that you can do anything you set your mind to. Example, I can’t stand the Kardashians. When I channel-surf, I don’t linger on the E! channel for hours at a time, watching and obsessing over the Kardashian show, and thinking about how much I hate the Kardashians. I just flip to the next channel. It’s called being a well-adjusted emotionally healthy adult, Bill. Try it out sometimes. It’s never too late.

The fact is, reporters want as badly as anyone else to see the country led by someone who inspires confidence. ”

As long as that leader is a nanny-government statist who believes in trillions of dollars in debt, massive government spending on useless social programs and entitlements that we can’t afford, and he must hate capitalism above all else. (I’m curious: three years on, does Barry still inspire confidence in you? And aren’t you a little sick and tired of constantly needing to be inspired by other people? Isn’t that old?)

But watching Palin answer a question is like watching a runaway train struggling to stay on the rails, and fact-checking her is like fishing with dynamite.

I must confess, Bill, I’m actually wondering if you have any real experience with these things (i.e. runaway trains, fishing). It’s just that you’re so, what’s the word…full of shit. I can’t take anything you say seriously.

I think a lot of journalists, regardless of their politics, find her confounding and a little frightening.” This is like that ‘some people say…’ trope. Billy: grow a pair and take ownership of your opinions. Say: “I find Palin confounding and frightening.”

Evidently, so do most Americans; only 21 percent of voters have a favorable impression of her in the latest CBS poll. ” Do I really have to point out to you that a low favorable rating is not the same as finding her ‘confounding’ and ‘frightening’. That’s a leap on your part.

So what was the real point of Bill Keller’s serious-minded critique of Palin? It sounded more like a mercy plea. Palin is ignoring us and we’re going to try and bully her into paying attention to us by making the New York Times seem like the helpless victim. Keller’s op-ed is more like cat-calling from a guy who thinks he’s a player, “HEYY, LAYYY-DEEEE! I see you ignoring me. Think you’re better than me? That’s cold, girl. Gonna’ just ignore me like that? Who you think you are? You can’t ignore me! (Do you know how well educated I am??)

Bill, I’m going to tell you what I’d tell any guy at a club in a similar predicament: “Dude, that chick is making you look the fool. She’s not interested in you. You’re not all that. Let it go.”

May 31, 2011

“OBAMA WAS LITERALLY MOVED TO TEARS”: Thomas Sowell on White Guilt in the White House

One of the painfully revealing episodes in Barack Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father” describes his early experience listening to a sermon by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Among the things said in that sermon was that “white folks’ greed runs a world in need.” Obama was literally moved to tears by that sermon.

This sermon may have been like a revelation to Barack Obama but its explanation of economic and other differences was among the oldest– and most factually discredited– explanations of such difference among all sorts of peoples in all sorts of places. Yet it is an explanation that has long been politically seductive, in countries around the world.”

[Read Thomas Sowell’s article “Seductive beliefs: Rev. Wright and blaming others for one’s problems” at the Washington Examiner]