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May 25, 2011

BLOWHARD WITH A VENGEANCE — Schultz: “this right-wing slut, what’s her name?, Laura Ingraham? Yeah, she’s a talk slut!”

Radio Equalizer has the story and the clip.  Keep in mind, liberals are champions of women and have the progressive attitudes and what not. But here’s the MSNBC talk show commentator and all-around black-coffee drinking everyman, Ed “man of the people” Schultz, getting his weird anger on: “This right wing slut, Laura Ingraham. Yeah, she’s a talk slut!” The context is Schultz is upset with Igraham for criticizing Obama, so he goes straight for the ad hominem.

Beyond the pale stuff really. I’d say the guy should be fired, but this is MSNBC after all.

Don Imus was fired for “nappy-headed ho’s” of course. David Schuster said Hillary Clinton was “pimping out” her daughter. How does Ed Schultz not get fired over this? It isn’t like Joe Scarborough or the MSNBC brass are big fans of the Shultz. Possible defenses?

Locker room talk? He was a college quarterback at an NAIA school. Maybe that’s what Schultz did at halftime. Talked about sluts and how slutty sluts are when they’re being sluttish and oh-so slutty. So the language is just a part of his blue-collar, man-of-the-people, champion-of-the-underdog persona. He’s a man’s man, don’t ya’ know. Truth of the matter is most liberals in the bookish class won’t be sad to see him go. Progressives prefer their heroic voices  to look more like Ezra Klein or Christopher Hayes. Ya know…guys who clearly don’t play football.

It’s possible Ed Schultz is employing the lessons he learned from the Slut Day events that gripped the country a couple of weeks ago. Wasn’t that the point? To celebrate our sluts and tell them that we love them just as they are. Yeahhh, that’s the ticket! Perhaps Schultz is encouraging Ms. Ingraham to embrace it or something to that effect. Or he’s just a tool. Latter…

In a culture that throws such a hissy-fit over the word “gay”, is “slut” not considered a slur against women too? Is slut so ubiquitous that we don’t even bother getting upset about it? But saying something is ‘so gay’ is just verboten. Can’t have it.

OUR PREDICTION: On his next telecast Ed Schultz will open with the “Ya know, sometimes I get so passionate about this country that I get a little crazy and say things I shouldn’t. And yesterday was one of those days…” defense. I say he’ll directly apologize on-air to Ms. Ingraham. He’ll do a “I want to say directly to Laura Ingraham, I’m sorry.” He’ll throw in a “that language is completely unacceptable”, “not who I am”, “I regret anyone I may have hurt”, etc.

Depending on how big the uproar is he might get suspended for a couple of weeks, but I’d be surprised if he actually got fired. Unless the nutroots look at this as an opportunity to move Schultz out of the way and get another progressive voice one last show on MSNBC (because that Cenk Uygyur thing is working out so brilliantly).