For those out there with Tebow Derangement Syndrome…

Here’s a little something for those folks out there who can’t help but project their own psychotic self-hatred onto someone else.

Here it is from another angle:

Actually, that’s the same angle basically, isn’t it?

Apologies to those of you out there with Tebow Derangement Syndrome. Symptoms include foaming at the mouth, spasms of vitriolic leftism, and wasting hours and hours leaving angry comments on chat forums about how much Tebow makes you hate your life. Things will get better (probably).

Worst QB of all-time? Well that’s just garbage on its face. I’m sure most of you have heard of Leaf, Ryan, or Marinovich, Todd, or Toretta, Gino, or Dorsey, Ken, or Smith, Troy. They sucked.

By the way, Apu, our IT guy, has won as many Super Bowls as Meril Hoge and Chris Carter combined.


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