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November 27, 2011

S.A.T. ANALOGY — Tim Tebow is to Sarah Palin as Ryan Leaf is to Barack Obama

Two of these individuals defy the expectations of a deranged media that, at once, hates them and is obsessed with them. In spite of it all both have miraculously found ways to be successful, and inspired legions of followers in the process; much to the dismay of their aggressively, hostile critics. To be sure, there are appropriate critiques of their shortcomings, but they seem to take it all in with unabashed optimism and good cheer. They also happen to be people of Faith.

The bottom two are much ballyhooed over-hyped busts with miserable performances and a record of failure. Both men have dealt with their inadequacies by blaming everyone else but themselves, and both have vented their frustrations with sneering displays of anger (Leaf, Obama).  It’s been known for quite some time but let’s make it official — Barack Obama IS the Ryan Leaf of politics.

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