KNOW YOUR MASK: The Guy Fawkes Edition

88% of OWS identify the masks as a character from “V for Vendetta”

78% of OWS participants think Guy Fawkes is a French porn star

44% of respondents wear the mask to hide horrible acne.

12% have gotten laid wearing just the mask during the 2 minute duration of intercourse.

We here at the Darjeeling Express are actually thankful for the Guy Fawkes mask, because the truth is Marxists, anarchists, and progressives in general are not very good looking people. We hope they all continue to fight the Man and express their individuality by wearing the same exact mask created for them by some corporation they hate.

We’re always amused by leftists co-opting traditions and symbols they don’t understand. Some of our other favorites:

Living in squalor and filth to emulate third world poverty.

Pretending to be into bland International cuisine.

The fascination with yoga and Hari Krishnas.

The Nazi Symbol


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