The Russian news anchor was sacked for doing what most Americans reflexively do when they hear the words Barack Obama.

Here’s commentary from our unofficial youtube correspondent, isayitlikeitis:

Truth of the matter is, there’s been an outbreak all over the country of the phenomenon called Obama Bird Flicking syndrome that has been unreported by the media. What CDC researches didn’t realize until the Limanova situation is that giving Obama the middle finger might in fact be a pandemic.

Our Sports editor, Gaurav, was at hhgreggs the other day looking for a flat screen when Obama’s giant, graying noggin appeared on multiple big screens, 1984 style, for a presser. Gaurav gave Obama’s HD face the double-barrel middle finger action and he didn’t even realize it. “It was like Tourette’s or something,” he said. “I just couldn’t help it. There I was at hhgreggs with both my arms high in the air, flicking Obama’s mug multiple birds. One of the sales reps walks by with this look of concern, and I’m thinking he’s about to kick me out of the store or something, and he says to me, ‘I hear ya, bro’.”

Nazi’s gave Hitler the sieg heil. Libyans gave Qhaddafi a little sodomy action with a wooden stick. We give Obama the Bird. Perfectly natural (and civil, I might add), and a lady as lovely as Tatyana (or Tatiana) Limanova shouldn’t get fired over it. Give her Shepard Smith’s 7pm ET slot on FNC right before Bill-O.


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