CLIMATEGATE 2.0 HAS ARRIVED!! (and the Trolls/Warmists aren’t happy)…


James Delingpole from the UK Telegraph outlines the stages of grief for the warmists in the aftermath of new emails undermining climate “science”:

Stage 1: they aren’t real emails
Stage 2: they are real emails but they aren’t in context
Stage 3: they are in context, but that’s how scientists work
Stage 4: ok, this isn’t really science, but you guys stole the emails!
Stage 5: this is old stuff
Stage 6: this is nothing
Stage 7: look everyone! Winter storm! See, we have proof of our theories now.

Repeat as needed

Speaking of…Here’s the major question everyone up and down Greenland is asking: Who will be Miss Climategate 2011?

Here’s a picture of the 2009 winner:

(H/T: Democrat = Socialist)


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