AWWW, SHE’S ALL GROWED UP: Sooo cute. Look a the little girl using daddy’s connections to get a job! Awwww, how adorable! Who’s a trust fund baby? Who’s an unqualified hack? You are! No! You are! Awww…

DAVE ZURAWIK : on Chelsea Clinton’s new job with NBC and whether she deserved it: “What we are really talking about here is a child of incredible privilege who refused to talk to the press and now decides she wants to be a “special” member of that group?

As for being “remarkable” and a person of such great achievement, listen, if you are 31 years old and able to go to school full time without working as she is and still haven’t earned your Ph.D., well, let’s just say maybe what you need is to learn how to focus your energies on a dissertation — not a diversionary job at NBC in a discipline for which you have shown nothing but contempt.

As for her “uncommon understanding of humanity,” let’s just be kind and blame it on too much blood running to Brian Williams head the last time he bowed to the President.


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