THIS IS WHAT PROGRESSIVES LOOK LIKE — Wisconsin “Progressive” Protesters Bring the Hate to Children at Prep School


Thinking of becoming a progressive like your heroes Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, or Barack Obama? Are you tough enough? Do you have what it takes to go to a prep school filled with really well behaved children and bully and intimidate the opposition? Can you commit the first act of vandalism at a school in eleven years? Do you have the wherewithal to chant the same, tired 60s slogans that Bill Ayers and his gem of a wife, Bernadine Dohrn, cheered back in the day? Can you inadvertently bump into peaceful citizens as a way of passive-aggressively sending them a message? Do you have the moxy to tell a fully grown adult woman that she needs “Stay where you came from. We don’t want you here.”?

Stay where you came from. We don’t want you here.

Anyway…if you can do all the above things in the most obnoxious and ugly way possible, you might be a progressive/socialist whack-job.


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