THE POSER — Obama gets Photo-Op at Command Center Hours after Forecasters Concede Tropical Storm, ‘err Hurricane Irene was Overhyped

(Barry Obama: Still trying to find something he’s good at…)

Hurricane” with 33 MPH winds…

How do you know when a crisis is within Barack Obama’s capacity to deal with?

When he’s present, it means the situation isn’t of major concern or has already resolved. When his full attention is required for a genuine crisis (i.e. when leadership is actually needed), he’s absent or waiting for someone else to step forward.

The problem isn’t Barry Obama getting a picture. The problem is that the photo and its meaning are so transparent. The guy doesn’t do anything unless it’s scripted. In the picture above, would it surprise you if at that very moment he was speaking to no one, but gesturing for the photographer, leaning forward, and pretending to be mid-sentence? Mid-action…

Problem is we know him all too well. He’s doing nothing important and nothing useful. He’s just posing.

[Read Big Journalism’s blog post on Obama’s staged White House press conference photo-ops]


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