The New Hampshire primary has a certain prominence within the election cycle.  There’s a folklore to the place, in part because of the state’s tendency to give a flailing candidate life with an unexpected second place finish. The voters are known for being mercurial, irreverent, and for rewarding intangibles like grit, hustle, and the ability to rebound the basketball. New Hampshire holds a sway with the Beltway media. After all, this state is where media types come to bury one candidate and coronate another.  And to all of this, I say…

For *FOUR* measly electoral votes — candidates cater to New Hampshire — WHY EXACTLY?????

FOUR Electoral votes??? Are you serious??

I’m curious — and this is addressed to Republicans — why do you pay attention to a state where Democrats can literally select a candidate for you?? Leftist whackadoos can vote in your New Hampshire primary, so why do you pay them any mind??

Pundits and media types point to some track record that New Hampshire has with picking candidates or reviving other candidates. Well, it is in fact the second major election during the election cycle. New Hampshire, they say, plays a major role in deciding who gets nominated. Well, there are only a couple of serious contenders. You’re not exactly doing March Madness brackets here, ya know? I hate to disillusion New Hampshire citizens and the overemphasized importance they place on their primary, but I wouldn’t put great stock in that particular state as a forecaster of things to come (especially not in the new Tea Party climate).

Why does New Hampshire have this reputation for picking Presidents?? They’ve picked John McCain twice (thanks N.H.). They picked Pat Buchanan once (the state’s one interesting move in the past 20 years). Henry Cabot-Lodge and Howard Stassen some other times. (On the Dems side you’re looking at Hillary Clinton, Kerry, Gore, Paul Tsongas, Dukakis, Gary Hart, Muskie, and Kefauver — just to name a few of the losers time forgot.)  New Hampshire isn’t exactly batting 1.000 there. Nostradamus they are not. I ask again, Why do we give a flying fudge about New Hampshire??

People also mention the crush of media attention that the state gets as being a part of New Hampshire’s allure. But it’s early in the election season, of course media types hungry for a news story are going to make a fuss about the second big election of the year. The media and their bloated self-important coverage is as much a centerpiece of New Hampshire politics as the candidates themselves. You have legions of media players stuffed into this state that no one usually cares about, and media pundits get their World Cup. For hours on end media figures are in front of a camera asking people variations on the same question, “Hey, Howard Fineman, what do you think is going to happen??“, “Hey, Eugene Robinson, let me turn it over to you, do you have a read on which way this thing is going??“, “Jonathan Alter, you’ve been on the ground for three days, do you have a feel for the voters?“, etc.

The truth is, the New Hampshire primary is built for people like Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews, and the late Tim Russert. People who no longer have any significance in the political landscape. People who like waxing poetic about their political insider-ism. The liberal arts education in these journalists appreciates the novelistic irony of city slickers from the Washington Beltway hanging out in New Hampshire where “real people” live their lives. Places like coffee shops, diners, barber shops, and the old towne mill that serves as a symbolic motif of some long ago promise……………

Journalists love that crap. They think it’s folksy and charming.

What I’m saying is — it’s not cute anymore. This is an extremely important upcoming election. It’s an election that is about paying bills and prioritizing where money goes and where it does not go. Spigots will be shut. Who has the time to waste trying to appease the wishy-washy sensibilities of a Dartmouth crowd and their desire for someone who knows how to reach out to people all over the solar system??

The other day I heard Chuck Todd say, if Romney wins Iowa and New Hampshire, then the GOP nomination process is over. What?? After two states, it’s over? Just like that? No need to let the other 48 states speak (or 56 in Obama terms)? Who decides these things? Oh yeah…Chuck Todd does. Not responsible citizens. Not real people. Not those horrible Tea Party types. David Gregory decides when the election is over.

New Hampshire is known for it’s supposed “fiercely independent political spirit”. Who does New Hampshire pick? In the last three GOP primaries they’ve had a history of picking middle-of-the-road big-spending RINO’s (McCain, Dubya). Ohhh, those wild and crazy New Hampshire voters! Do they give life to the Mike Grevell’s and Dennis Kucinich’s or Ron Paul’s? No. Since 1992 they basically vote for moderates who are losers. In 2000 and 2008 they rewarded John McCain for what exactly? Being mavericky?

Why not let Florida go first? Why not allow a state which has picked Marco Rubio and Rick Scott in recent elections pick your GOP standard-bearer for 2012? That’s 29 electoral votes, by the way. A state that historically has actual national relevance in deciding these things. No one stays up on election night anxiously waiting for Chuck Todd’s grave pronouncement, “This election will come down to New Hampshire, New Hampshire, New Hampshire…

A few years ago a leftist tool asked, ‘What’s wrong with Kansas?’ I wonder, Why should anyone give a damn about New Hampshire?? (What have they ever done for anyone??) This state shouldn’t be the one deciding who has momentum going into the election campaign season.


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