Today’s big news on the campaign trail is that Congressman Paul Ryan will not be running for President after all. This comes after a couple of weeks of intense speculation that he might jump into the ring.

Here’s the kicker — if a Tea Party candidate does win the GOP nomination, he or she won’t pick a second Tea Party favorite as the Vice President. It would be ideal to pick someone who is thought of as more moderate. No Palin. No Bachmann. No Allen West.  General election voters will want to be reassured that they have two individuals with backgrounds in business and governing who can soothe a frazzled economy. Romney would be the first choice that comes to mind. He’d have a granite level of gravitas as a V.P. Maybe too much gravitas? You need someone not from the South, but perhaps more Midwest.

Rule out Gov. Chris Christie, or Mike Huckabee. Rule out Giulianni or Pataki. No Santorum. No Herman Cain . NOT JON HUNTSMAN.

Tim Pawlenty is more in the ballpark, but that’s not a great choice either.

Paul Ryan does fit the bill as someone who has Tea Party approval, but is not thought of, by the lamestream, as a wingnut. He has the deficiency of being the face that would throw grandma’ off a cliff, but if someone like Rick Perry is serious about entitlement reform and addressing the debt (as he claims to be in his book Fed Up), then maybe Paul Ryan should be considered.You’d be hard-pressed to find a more articulate voice on budget and entitlement reform matters.

Would Paul Ryan be more effective as a Vice President or from his seat in Congress?

(Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana would be another choice that comes to mind.)


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