ZURAWIK: “I have to admit I am troubled by the admission from David Bohrman”

ZURAWIK: “After having written numerous pieces in recent years arguing how crucial it is to have a 24/7 cable news channel that presents fact-based journalism without a a bias to the right or the left, I have to admit I am troubled by the admission from David Bohrman, the longtime chief of CNN’s political coverage, who acknowledged his liberal beliefs in an interview with Howie Kurtz on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday.

I am troubled because my argument has often cited CNN as a channel viewers can trust to give them reliable information that they can use to make educated choices in their lives. I have especially argued this case as I denounced the ideological excesses of Fox News on the right and MSNBC on the left.

And now after Bohrman, who had been kicked upstairs at CNN in recent months, finds a job as president of Current TV, the channel half-owned by Al Gore that is re-building itself around Keith Olbermann, he admits he’s always been a liberal who feels like he has now “somewhat outed” himself.

Is there anyone left who believes in the higher calling of the news business — namely that there can be no real democracy without impartial, trustworthy information being provided to citizens? Is there no one who believes that dedicating your career to that might be a good and worthwhile effort?

[Read David Zurawik’s “Former CNN executive David Bohrman says he’s been longtime liberal ” at the Baltimore Sun]


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