Two years ago — if the Darjeeling Express had existed — we would have been huge supporters of the ‘Paul Ryan for President in 2012’ fan-club. We owned front-seats on that bandwagon. But whenever we heard from actual Republicans they weren’t too high on the idea. Many were more into Romney or Pawlenty. Our feelings were hurt, but we’re not actual registered Republicans, so who cares. It’s your party, do what you will…

When Chris Christie’s youtube clips appeared on the scene, we were similarly impressed with his gusto, as were many Tea Party types. But if you asked Beltway, moderate, centrist, intellectual, David Brooks-type Republicans, they were uneasy with Christie’s combative style…..

Again, our feelings were hurt. There’s so much about being a Republican that we just don’t understand. Oh well. And so it goes…..

THEN….last week Rick Perry emerged on the scene with the potential to be a strong front-runner over Mittens Romney. NOW all of the sudden there’s PANIC in the beltway. Put out the feelers, turn on the alarms, get out the word: PAUL RYAN AND/OR CHRIS CHRISTIE, THE REPUBLICAN BELTWAY NEEDS YOU!!!

The beltway types were so quiet and above it all for so long, but once one little Rick Perry comes galloping onto the scene with his cowboy boots and his six-shooter firing in all directions, NOW the GOP insider class is worried. NOW they want Paul Ryan. NOW they need Chris Christie. A few weeks ago Dr. Charles Krauthammer openly lobbied for Paul Ryan to enter the race. Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard seems to be Paul Ryan’s campaign spokesman in waiting.

Can you imagine the cocktail parties in Georgetown? You know George Will and Charles Krauthammer, we really cannot have this Rick Perry fellow as the Republican nominee. Simple unacceptable. We need someone with no trace of a regional accent. He must be able to follow the rules of noun verb agreement, and he must know how to conjugate his verbs properly. This Rick Perry chap makes me nervous…..


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