To be honest….there is something about Rick Perry that isn’t quite right. We have no idea what it is. It’s the same uncomfortable feeling we had with Bill Clinton. There’s some kind of a skeleton to be found. Something Republicans will be sweeping under the carpet this time next year. We hope it’s just the grades, because that we can live with.

To be sure, the whole Wild Rick Perry — The Law West of the Pecos! mythology does feel a touch choreographed, but not exactly inauthentic. One of the great benefits of a Perry candidacy is that Liberals will HATE this man. The southern bravado rubs them raw, the accent grates on them, and he talks the talk when it comes to hating on liberalism-socialism. He has many of W. Bush’s mannerisms in style, manner, and idiosyncrasies, but there’s no love lost between Perry and the Bush’s.

MSNBC and the New York Times will go after Perry for his grades, for his Bushisms (though it appears that Perry is significantly smarter and more articulate than W-Bush), for his religion slash evangelicism. They’ll concern troll parts of his record (“shouldn’t real Tea party conservatives hate what Perry did when he…”). The Lamestream will push rumors of homosexuality, even as they go hunting for ex-girlfriends in the hopes of finding wild stories.

The Republican end of this contest was always going to come down to Romney/Establishment guy versus Tea Party candidate; there was never any way a GOP candidate could get nominated without the unqualified love and appreciation for the Tea Party. It looks like Tea Party folks will at long last finally have to figure out who they love more: Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann? We’re putting our money on Rick Perry. Perry will beat Romney in South Carolina, and he’ll step on the accelerator on Super Tuesday in the southern states. Good night, Mitt.

Conditions will get worse and worse for Obama. He’ll get more ornery. More combative. More smarmy. Less and less the sweet, lovable Huxtable the nation fell in love with (got hypnotized by, whatever). Perry is likable in a way that Obama is not. There is a swashbuckling quality to him. People will either be charmed by or turned off by it. It’ll be interesting to see which way independent female voters break if they think he’s too John Wayne in temperament. Maybe he’ll modulate that and tone it down. We kind of hope not because the whole southern swagger is precisely what annoys the hell out of Liberals (and annoying Liberals is always a fantastic thing).



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