On a Morning Joe where Mika Bzerziknski admitted during an interview with Governor Scott Walker that she represented “we Democrats”, Joe Scarborough was the one whose personal bias went off the charts into Chris Matthews territory. I’m not sure anyone on MSNBC has slimed a GOP candidate in quite the way Scarobrough did today. He called Bachmann a joke, her candidacy a joke, said his dad wouldn’t vote for her, etc., etc.

By comparison, Chris Matthews and the rest of the MSNBC lineup certainly take their cheap shots at Republicans, and they’ve all disparaged Republicans including Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann using horrible terms. But Scarborough’s criticism, after an evening where Bachmann represented herself quite well in a debate in Ames, Iowa, makes one wonder: What got into Scarborough??

His rant was heavy-handed, uncalled for, excessive, and didn’t even have a point.

Hey Joe – your future in Pensacola, Florida is done. You’d never get elected for anything in Pensacola. We suspect Joe knows that. He keeps barking that when he was in congress he was the real Republican and the real voice of Reagan conservatism. The truth is, Scar-bro is a political chameleon slash media whore. The only time he sounds remotely conservative is when he’s bantering with Bzersinski and he’s trying to get under her skin; he basically uses small government rhetoric as live on-air foreplay.

Joe, you’re irrelevant in politics today, except on MSNBC. You’d have better luck getting elected if you ran on Manhattan’s progressive upper west side, and I’m sure they won’t mind hearing about Lori Klausutis.

We suspect this morning’s rant was nothing more than Joe’s attempt to steal some thunder from Bachmann. He loves his RINO’s (Huntsmann and Romney), and he’s doing his part for the beltway establishment Republicans to undermine Bachmann.


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