MEME OF THE WEEK: Is George W. Bush no longer the boogy man he used to be? Are you no longer able to score cheap political points by blaming everything on your predecessor? No problem — BLAME THE TEA PARTY!!

DELINGPOLE: “…the founding fathers would not be shocked by Glenn Beck or Michelle Bachmann because they would recognise their ideological position as being far more in tune with the values expressed in the original US Constitution (and its various amendments) than anything Barack Obama’s administration has to offer. No, it is not an extremist position wishing to restore your country’s economic fortunes by cutting its national debt and reducing government waste. No it is not mad – given the weight of historical evidence – to argue that the very last thing a declining economy needs to get itself back on its feet is higher taxes and more government spending.”

[Read James Delingpole’s “Are lefties incredibly stupid or just plain evil?” at the UK Telegraph]


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