The famous quote goes as follows: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Who said it is a matter of some debate. Maybe Abe Lincoln, maybe it goes all the way to the Bible.

Matt Damon has officially dispelled any notions that he’s anywhere near as bright as Mr. Good Will Hunting. I for one had always entertained the idea that Mr. Damon was a pretty clever fellow and somewhat well-read. Boy, have I been disabused of notions. Had them yanked straight out of my callused hands in fact. In the video clip above by video journalist Nicholas Ballasy (check out his site), Matt Damon does a masterful job of revealing his true self to the world, unadulterated and uncut. And, man, it is NOT a pretty sight. After 20-25 long, long years, Matt Damon might have finally unseated Keanu Reeves as the dumbest man in Hollywood (not fair to Reeves, since he should be regarded as the densest man in La La Land, as opposed to dumbest).

It’s shocking how utterly stupid this guy is considering he’s thought of as one of the brainier guys in the entertainment industry. That’s the genius of being an actor. You can say just enough to seem like you know what you’re talking about, and should you find yourself in a situation where your intellectual manhood is called out, you can shy away and slink out the backdoor if need be  (e.g. Damon: “It’s like Einstein’s, ya know, theory of relativity or whatever…..Excuse me? You’re asking me what Einstein’s theory of special relativity is?? Well, uh…uhh…ohh, hey! Look at the time! I’ve got to do a press junket in Phuket for the Adjustment Bureau! My publicist is going to be rushing me out of here any second now otherwise I’d be more than happy to get into it. Maybe next time, okay?…“).

This clip, combined with the earlier ‘intrinsically paternalistic‘ clip, reveals a truth about progressive-liberals-socialists: they desperately desire to be led by one charismatic voice — a handsome, empty vessel — who can emote and deliver lines that sound good or seem passionate and courageous, even if those words are absolutely asinine rubbish with no meaning whatsoever (see: current President). The masses need the eye candy because if they were paying attention to the actual words, they’d run screaming.

Here’s a rushed transcript of Damon’s genius:

QUESTION: Do you agree the wealthy should pay more?

MATT DAMON: “Yes! Yes, the wealthy are paying less than they paid, ya know at any time else certainly in my lifetime. And probably…probably…in the last century. I don’t know what they were paying in the robber….ya  know, in the 20’s. I don’t know what they were paying in the roarin’ twenties. But it’s like ya know,….. it’s uhh…it’s, it’s, it’s like criminal that so little is asked of people who are getting so much. I don’t mind paying more. I really don’t mind paying more taxes.

(So write a check dummy! No one’s stopping you.)

“Um,  I’d rather pay for taxes than cut like, ya know, reading is fundamental or headstart or some of these programs that are really helping kids. Uh, ya know. Uh, why not? This is the greatest country in the world. Is it that much worse if you pay 6% more in taxes? Give me a break, ya know. Look at what you get for it. You get to be an American! Ya know?

I get to be an American! Yeah! Apparently, according to Damon, one is not American by birth. It is by virtue of the progressive income tax that one’s citizenship is established.

QUESTION: What would be the highest for someone like you? [re: taxes that Damon is willing to pay]

MATT DAMON: “Why not..why not…Why not raise it…..per million bucks?……Right? And then cap it somewhere? Right? …So instead of saving $250,000. Because that’s something where people can go, ya know, wait a minute, ya know, will that pinch, ya know, the upper middle class too much? Why not tax the really rich? Guys like me. Or raise it to 50% after $5million dollars.”

(Eat your heart out CATO institute and Paul Krugman. We have a new player in the taxation and economic policy field.)

QUESTION: Do you think the people making $250,000 and above are job creators? Like small business.

MATT DAMON: “Well, I didn’t go start a small business with my tax break.

You don’t own or operate a small business, Matt? How’s Project Greenlight these days? (Out of business?) When was the last time your production company Live Planet made a film? Either you’re not aware you run a small business, you’re so removed from it’s operations that you really don’t run it, or you’re a terrible small business owner. But, to explain it Matt, the idea is that if you’re a small business owner and you have a little extra money in your pocket from a tax break, to increase profits you might consider adding another employee or expanding your company, for example. The idea isn’t necessarily to START a business with your tax cut. The objective is to create jobs with your tax cut.

Uhh, and I don’t know anybody else who did. No! Everybody’s socking their money away.

Do you even know anyone who runs a small business? Why is it always people who know nothing about business who are telling people how to run their businesses?? If small business owners are socking their money away, YOU DO KNOW it’s because they’re probably nervous about investing it during an uncertain Obama-economy.

That did not create any…nobody went and started a business with their Bush tax cut. Ya know? I don’t know who would believe something…that just defies common sense. So no…, no. I was against those tax cuts. Thought they were ridiculous. So little is asked of the upper class anyway…

This last  sequence of answers should haunt Matt Damon for the rest of his life, because in a span of seconds Matt Damon reveals himself in stark, crystal-clear DVD quality: MATT DAMON has NO IDEA what the hell he’s talking about. He doesn’t understand the question, he doesn’t understand capitalism, he doesn’t know what a small business is or how they work. Just to be clear: Matt Damon isn’t just a moron in the sense that he has bad ideas (i.e. leftist notions). He’s a knucklehead because he is talking out of his a**.

Janeane Garofalo, for all her faults (and there are too many to list here) can at least speak her Marxist gibberish with a functioning sentence. Garofalo, at least, has some idea of where she’s going in a given argument. It may be a cold, dark, bitter, sad place filled with kittens, but it’s a vector. Damon has gone his entire life basically with Zinn’s People’s History and The Chomsky Reader as his sole navigators in life, and he’s regurgitating only what he’s read there (and apparently he hasn’t read them as deeply as one would assume). It’s sad. Matt Damon is JUST LIKE the fictional pony-tailed douchebag he punked in his fictional movie:

Damon knows how to cut the pose of an informed leftist, but he’s actually the guy who doesn’t know enough or isn’t clever enough to B.S. properly. He’s just making stuff up like a 12-year old mugging for the camera: “Taxes?? Ummmm, I think we should—ummmm, TAX EVERYONE A GAZILLION DOLLARS! I’D PAY IT!” Damon resembles one of those sad saps on Jay Leno’s man-on-the-street interviews where Jay asks passerby’s easy current event questions, and then embarrasses them by confronting them with their ignorance. Same thing here, except Damon has no idea he’s ignorant as all get out and he continues posing for the camera with the boyish grin as if his bowel movements are magic.

There’s no sense of shame with guys like Damon. Rather than acknowledge they know not that of which they speak, they keep talking pure idiocy. The guy can’t just say, “Hey, honestly, I’m not informed enough on this issue to give you a well thought out answer. Sorry.” There’s honor in that approach, but Damon doubles down on trite leftist platitudes. This is the guy who was ripping on Sarah Palin about dinosaurs?! This guy???


Here’s Chris Isaak in a Washington Post interview illustrating how anyone with common sense should answer a political question (take notes Mr. “Intrinsically Paternalistic”):

WAPO: Maybe you could draw on your student council experience to help sort out the enormous budget crisis in California. Any remedy for it?

ISAAK: I don’t think we want a remedy for it. The less the government has to spend, the better off we’ll be. But I should say that I, and the rest of entertainers, don’t know a god-durned nothing about policies. We’re too busy self-aggrandizing to come up with any solutions. It’s amazing how many entertainers can find time between adopting children to tell you how to live your life.

Nice job, Mr. Isaak (and, is it just me, or did he sound a touch libertarian?). I tip my hat to you, Mr. Solitary Man. And, in your honor, a duet with Stevie Nicks:



  1. Loved your post/rant put him in his place pretty good covered all the angles. I was blown away by all what you quoted him saying wow what utter nonsense.

  2. I’m an unabashed progressive myself, and while I do enjoy seeing teachers be defended, I was quite embarrassed by what Mr. Damon said. I have heard him make intelligent and thoughtful comments before, but I do agree with you… this was gibberish that was intended to make himself look smart.

  3. The libertarian reporter just insulted his mother who was standing right to him by saying teachers were motivated by profit, not from passion to teach. I think he deserved to use big words to put her down. The MBA view (fyi education secretary Duncan has a BS in sociology, no MBAs) and the notion that teachers are motivated by money is “intrinsically paternistic.” It all depends on how we taxpayers are willing to pay for the society, and degree ofrespect society has for teachers. American public school teachers are paid shit, compared to say, Korean teachers, relative to how much education is rated important. Maybe that could help explain why Korean students rank highest in science, mathematics, while Americans dead beat lowest. Or why Koreans are so progressive in say, medicine or education.

    P.S. Progressive Liberal Democrats cannot give less than a rats ass about “being led by a charismatic voice.” Our reasoning and philosophy is true and just, so we don’t need a guy to sell them, or a news network to disinform others toward our goals and call people like Damon “Pinheads.” That’s the word you were looking for, Pinhead.

  4. Matt Damon was put on the spot and was asked what he believed. He answered each question with coherent sentences, which added up to a make a well formed point. I don’t even believe in everything he is promoting, but you can’t call him stupid because you have a different view on a particular subject. And it’s not as if he held a press conference to answer these particular questions. A reporter asked him these questions…so don’t tell him to keep his opinions to himself.. he was just being nice enough to let this man interview him. And as far as word choice goes, Damon went to Harvard and is a professional writer. He’s not trying to sound smart..he is intelligent. I’m sure there are plenty of large words in his natural vocabulary.

  5. 1: Taxes are a systematic entity, they need to be systematically raised on the wealthy to pay for our deficit. One individual writing a cheque is not the same as millions of people paying in 5% more earnings over one million dollars pa.

    2: Pressurizing Teachers with Paternalistic (pressurizing), policies will make teachers work much harder, as they are already under stress from long hours and a tough job. By pressurizing them, this will reduce morale and increase stress, which are not optimal working conditions. Teacher performance can only be increased by training and school investment.

    3: Businesses are driven by demand of consumers, what libertarians do is focus on a moneyed individuals reaction to economic demand, rather than the whole arrangement. This misleads Americans to think that the rich employ people out of their shear magnificence, rather than that people are used to make money for them.

    4: I think Conservatism is trying to reinvent itself through American Libertarianism, but It will only split the vote on the right, as progressives and the average person can easily see that Libertarians Plutocentric model is a foil for making very wealthy people more wealthy, at the expense of us and the US.

  6. You think Matt Damon is stupid because just because he doesn’t believe in the same things as you. WOW! You are the most intelligent person in the world! Your name calling was sooooo mature and enlightening!

  7. to the author of this enlightened article…
    any fool can criticize another person
    p.s you are not any better than Matt Damon because you wrote an article to show to your audience that he is supposedly stupid. Your Paradigm is just as fucked up as everyone else

    • No, The author pretty much has is spot on. Want another reason Matt is stupid? His latest Hollywood cause, water for the world. But he only wants water for women of the world,. What an idiot.

  8. The only philosophy is how do I get my hands on cash from the government before it goes bankrupt. Democrats & Libertarians & Republicans all want as big of a piece of the government pie before it is gone. Stop trying to categorize people and act like they are different. Search “Ron Paul earmarks” or “Ron Paul pork” and you will see how the loudest voice of government restraint gets his hands on the pie.

    Republicans & Libertarians pretend to not want to raise taxes when they know that is precisely what they will do once elected. At least Damon is being honest , and coming out and saying he wants to raise taxes on the rich.

  9. Do more research on the person you are ranting about, you’ll find out how much Matt Damon does give back.
    Also his mom is a teacher and the interviewers are not being blunt but ignorant to their audience. My mom is a teacher, if you want to generalize things and apply opinions to a group of people you have minimal involvement with then don’t be mad when you sound bias and subjective.

  10. I love how you were masturbating to a picture of yourself while posting this shit bad column….I mean…here’s Matt Damon who’s handsome, rich…OH so incredibly smart…and here’s you “I’m a fat, mouth breathing, neck beard, chode who plays WoW in my moms basement who’s mad at everyone else cuz they succeeded and you regret never moving out 🙂 xox have a nice day

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