GALLUP: “Obama Approval Drops to New Low of 40%”

What is up with Gallup? I’d submit that Obama’s real approval level has been just a tick under 40% for over a year.

If Gallup has the number at 40% that means it’s actually lower. There’s always a bit of a buffer I think, and I’d hypothesize that there is a subset of those who ‘approve’ who will not vote for him now or won’t pull the lever for him in November 2012.

And, by the way, 40% is the Mendoza line for Obama. I don’t recall a poll ever having him in the 30s. How can that be?It’s as if they refuse to put him under 40% just on shear principle. No one wants to be the poll that gives him the 38% approval rating? That would be blaspheme. It’s almost like something out of the end of The Matrix whenever Neo is about to be killed by Joey Pants or one of the Smiths. His approval number is at 41%…40%… and then *suddenly* an Act of God — “it can’t be!” — and he’s back to 44-45%.

And if his support is cratering down to 40%, then what has he been blabbering about on the TV this past week at his numerous “Now I, the Great Obama, shall speak and offer wisdom” speeches on the debt-ceiling. He’d have you believe that the American people are with him on the great issues of the day, but, by Gallup’s measure, the American people have never been so out of love with the man. S


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