THIS IS WHAT TERRORISM LOOKS LIKE: White middle-class Americans

[Check out infowars for the full story: “DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists”]

Did you know white middle-class Americans are more likely to be terrorists?

More than anything, Janet Napolitano wants to remind everyone that Muslims are not terrorists man-made disaster makers always. Most terrorists depicted in the DHS video are white men in black hoodies wearing sunglasses (dark sunglasses).

So, just keep that in mind. If you see something, say something. UNLESS it’s a couple of men of the middle-eastern persuasion. In that case, say and do nothing, and feel a twinge of guilt for even thinking it.

Muslims are not the terrorists. (I don’t know why people keep thinking that??)

There’s no reason to think that. None. None whatsoever.

I don’t know how these stereotypes get started, ya know…..

When people say they’re good, decent,  religion of Peace type people, you need to just take them at their word. To do otherwise is just raZciSm!!!! And you don’t want to be called a racist do you?

Even in India we have the same type of problem. But, again, it’s NOT Muslims, ok? LOL….It’s just not…


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