Now MSNBC and their liberal progs are concerned about qualifications? Since when? It’s a good thing Mo’ Brooks has a degree in Economics just for the comic value of throwing it in Brewer’s face, but what would’ve happened if she’d been interviewing a Republican congressman who didn’t have such a degree? What was Brewer’s point right at that moment?

I always make a point that Obama has no experience running anything, running a small business, a lemonade stand; he has no experience making a payroll, factoring in overhead and inventory, providing benefits for his employees, etc. My point isn’t that his lack of qualifications precludes him from being President of the U.S. My issue is that his poor results as POTUS shouldn’t surprise anyone given his lack of experience, and that he has some nerve burdening corporations and small businesses or being hostile with physicians when he himself has no experience in these fields. And it follows a pattern of him shooting his mouth on matters he’s surprisingly inept at having a discussion about (e.g. getting an inhalator for an asthmatic, physicians pulling out tonsils to make a quick buck, Cambridge officers acting stupidly, now’s potentially a good time to invest, etc., etc.).

Brewer was about to make the argument that Republicans and Libertarians can’t say the stimulus failed because we’re not accredited economists (i.e. dudes like Paul Krugman who sit around in a small office all day looking out the window, wondering if there’s a formula that can predict the exact location where a leaf will fall), unlike the esteemed and reputable and God-like sage of the Depression, ** Ben Bernanke **. We’re not allowed to argue that the stimulus failed and didn’t avert a great depression because a great authority, Bernanke, the Oracle at Delphi himself, had made his grand proclamation that hell was upon us lest we passeth the stimulus. And so it was.

Brewer never questions the qualifications of Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or Barbara Boxer. Who are they? What have they done? How are they qualified to be dog-catcher? They are slaves to a horrible ideology, and Year 3 into The Great Fundamental Transformation, things have gone from bad to worse. All because of Barry Obama and his stellar experience as a community organizer and law firm slacker.

Contessa — you’re horrible at what you do for a living. There’s but one honorable act left for you….


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