PAWLENTY’S JOKER FACE: Game-ender for T-Paw?

Witness how elections are lost in the span of 30 seconds (he even manages to get some love from MSNBC blowhard, Chrissy ‘Thrills’ Matthews)

“In terms of the beat, I like Bad Romance. I gotta’ say, even though she’s a little bit unusual, ‘Born This Way’ has got some appeal. She’s very talented. Now if you go to the end of the HBO special — the Lady Gaga HBO Special — and you watch her sing acapella ‘Born This Way’, she can sing. She can definitely sing. She talented.”

T-paw is a nice guy, but with this horribly long and overly nuanced answer he must be signalling to the world that he’s only in the 2012 race to be a future GOP Vice Presidential option on the 2012 ticket. Republicans need to find out who T-Paw’s advisors and media strategists are, and make sure they never work for any of their serious candidates in the future.


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