Ohhhh! It is not a good day to be a progressive liberal. Heads on the verge of full implosion. Songs undergoing reinterpretation. Albums being shelved. It turns out John Lennon was sooo disillusioned with Carter that he couldn’t imagine conceive voting for him again. In fact, he was giving serious consideration to voting for RONALD REAGAN! Imagine Fancy that. Reagan? As in Ronald. As in the man who represents all that is evil and wrong with the world, according to the progressive mindset.

To be fair, it is hard to imagine conjure.

Hey liberals: What’s the only thing more annoying than all the above strikethroughs? How much I’m enjoying this! Progressives, socialists, liberals, and democrats…..lend me my redistributed income! I come to praise John Lennon, not to call him a bona fide Republican (though, it must have ticked off the Obama White House to no end that carrying pictures of Chairman Mao meant they weren’t going to make it with Lennon anyhow). This wallpaper is for you libs:


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