This guy, Obama, has a real history with being “present” but not actually being there:

Rev. Wright’s church: present in the pews but not there (i.e. Obama wasn’t present on any day where Wright said something controversial).

The Illinois state senate: Present to vote but not actually voting on the bill (i.e. taking a stand on the issue being voted on). How many times did he do this? We have a name for a guy like that, but we’ll just call him a wussy.

Progressive causes: present (e.g. talking a good game about gay marriage, ending combat missions, Guantanamo, being the most transparent administration, etc.) but not being there (e.g. not actually leading on these issues, certainly not the way progressives had expected).

Bill Ayers: Obama was present in Ayers’ house for his introduction to Chicago politics, but he’d have us believe he wasn’t there (i.e. despite his association with Ayers, Obama claims the Weather Undergrounder was just some guy in his neighborhood).

His grades: clearly he was present (i.e. he graduated), but was he there or not? (how did he actually perform in class on exams??)



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