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Lindsey Piscitell is a twenty-something New Yorker/San Franciscan/Nomad who likes to think of herself as a member of the creative underclass. In between panic attacks and espresso-fueled internet benders she likes to write short stories and also sometimes poetry.”

Anyone who describes herself as a member of the creative underclass is conveying the following:

‘I write short stories, aka pieces, and my work is unknown because I’m unskilled at it. I’m unskilled at it, but I insist on doing it and branding myself as a writer because it makes me feel relevant. In the meantime I write for a zine!’

The truth is “creative underclass” means something far simpler:  unemployed and unemployable hippie losers with no working skills to speak of, and no redeeming social value (i.e. are completely useless in a capitalist society) whatsoever. We sit around and write amateurish stories and poetry all day that no one will ever read. We submit our stories for short story contests, some of them get published by random nobodies (we’re still unpublished) and it makes us happy.

I’m not a regular Glenn Beck follower. I don’t have strong feelings about the man one way or the other. I don’t love him. I don’t hate him. But I certainly can’t stand rude assholes like Lindsey Piscitell who violate personal space. I can’t stand deranged toolbags who feel the need to be obnoxious New Yorkers in front of a man who is simply trying to enjoy an evening with his family. When you’re out with your wife and daughter in NYC you are as vulnerable as you can be because you’re trying to protect the only two people who mean the world to you. Your only purpose in life at that moment is to completely protect them from harm. And some asshole like Piscitell has to be a total bitch (sorry, there’s no other word) while the man is minding his own business and not bothering anyone. You throw wine on his wife — what is the best way for him to defend his family right at that moment? Tell me. How is he supposed to respond? The man has been on his Gandhi ‘turn the other cheek’ kick for a year. What’s he going to do? Respond to Piscitell? Chew her out? Move to another part of the park (give Piscitell that satisfaction?) My gawd, the man is with his daughter. Can’t you pick another time to be a total asshole??

Here’s Piscitell’s tweet:

dANGLINGbABY‎: Fucking #asshole @glenbeck is siting next to me at Bryant park movie night #getthefuckoutofmycity [pic]

Oh! So it’s your city now?? Manhattan was built off the backs, not of the “creative underclass”, but off the sweat and ingenuity of people Ms. Piscatell would take issue with: those evil, corporatist fat-cats with their big wallets, their clever ideas that allow people to get employed, and their tendency to throw their money and invest all over the City. Entrepreneurs, capitalists, ya know, people who dig money. People like Beck who apparently has done quite well for himself with his radio career. He wants to watch The 39 Steps with his kid, and this asshat Piscitell is just so offended that a Republican or conservative would show up to watch an Alfred Hitchcock film; as if true art only belongs to the cultured elites of the creative underclass and you’re repulsed that a know-nothing Neanderthal like Beck would show up (oh lord, he might share your taste in film and art. god forbid!) You’re so emotionally disturbed that you can’t get over yourself for a couple of hours??

This is what these people do, right? They have no real use in society. They bitch and moan. They’re frustrated with their lives. Persistently unhappy. Their writing doesn’t get published by a major publishing house (writing being the one field they feel they’re exceptional at). They suspect they’ve been giant disappointments to their parents who’ve been supporting them financially for years. Ya know, liberals.

So Piscitell claims that spilling wine on Beck’s wife was a “happy accident” (‘happy’? really? keep it class, asshole). But then there’s this tweet from Piscitell’s friend, Marissa Barker, in response to Pisc’s tweet about Beck:

Yes… “accidentally”. What a gem this one is. Her parents must be ever so proud.

More on Piscitell:

Lindsey Piscitell

Marketing & Media Strategist

Greater New York City Area 
Marketing and Advertising
  • Marketing and Media Manager at
  • East Coast Marketing Manager at Genesis Today, Inc.
  • Field Marketing Manager Northeast at Mix1 Beverage Company
  • New York City Marketing Coordinator at IZZE Beverage Company (Division of PEPSICO)
    • Team Manager/ Research Assistant, Dept. Of Sociology atNew York University
    • Intern at WCBS News Radio 880
    • Law Intern at Dechert LLP
    • Part Time Administrative Assistant at DAMG Worldwide
  • New York University

A marketing and media strategist? Haha…okay, sure. Is there another more completely useless and uninformative job title in Manhattan? Basically you’re unemployed because you’re a loser. Another NYU genius.

Here are some more pics of Piscitell. She’s a peach, ain’t she. Lil’ miss “creative underclass”.

Here’s what Piscitell looks like mid-sentence as she’s harassing regular, hard-working people who have as much right to hang out in Bryant Park and watch classy movies as she does:

Here’s Piscitell on the left in all her toothy glory:

Piscitelli is the reason NYC went from being one of the awesome cities in the world to being one of those cities with a bunch of rude, obnoxious assholes. Thanks, Piscitell. You can’t leave people be? You can’t let a man enjoy a picturesque evening in Bryant Park? You have to be the rude, obnoxious New Yorker? You’re not even from New York, asshole. You’re a regular loser, leach, twat who contributes NOTHING to the city, but you take it upon yourself to throw wine on some woman you don’t even know. Classy.

If you wish to tell Ms. Piscitell your feelings personally, by all means: or (thanks, d)

[Whether or not I agree with Glenn Beck on particular issues, I’d like to offer my sincerest apologies to Mr. Beck, his wife, and his daughter. It’s a shame they had to be exposed to Lindsey Piscitell. I feel bad your wife was essentially assaulted, and it saddens me that your daughter had to come face to face with the realities of people like Piscitell and their deranged version of civil and tolerant behavior.]

Make sure to check out a Poetry Reading of one of Piscitell’s poems.



  1. Excellent analysis. I need to come to this site more often

    • Great article. Thanks for the follow up.

    • What a rude individual this Lindsey Piscitell is. It is too bad people are so indignant towards a family out to enjoy a movie together…. Oh, that’s right it’s New York City – WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EXPECT I GUESS – go spill something on Glenn’s wife – remember one thing Ms. Lindsey, “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND – YOU WILL GET BACK WHAT YOU GIVE OUT”! So, get ready… I will say Glenn handled this situation as a godly man – I am proud of him as a person… Watch out, Lindsey, prayers are gong up for you – you are REALLY TO BE PITIED… Quite disgusting to say the very least!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Lindsey, for taking the time to put a name to the inconsiderate, hateful assholes who were harassing Glen and his family. Until now, we were left to vent at stupid hateful liberals in general. Now, because you felt the need to write to the editor and LIE about what happened in an attempt to make Glen, a man you don’t know, fit the mold that you think he needs to fit into, we know exactly who that stupid, hateful liberal is. Enjoy this week, because I have a feeling by the end of it you are going to want to change your name. Cheers!

  3. “A marketing and media strategist”

    She can’t even manage her own media strategy.

    I guess media strategist now means I know enough about social networking to make a complete fool of my brand.

  4. Wow…a very simple yet masterful way of saying it. thanks

  5. You know, if you go to and look her up you’ll get her address and phone number.

    Just sayin’

  6. Maybe you should insist on doing something like growing a few more braincells , and insist on doing it, then you can brand yourself as “intelligent”. It is very apparent from your “creative” writing and you are far from having more than two braincells that you can rub together. In the meantime, why don’t you try getting a real job? Wait, that might take time from espresso fueled internet benders……darn, the real world must really, really SUCK to losers like yourself.

  7. Hey Lindsey, how does it feel to be a scabby skank? No wonder you’re so hateful and disgusting. You fit right in with the libtards. You need all the love and prayers Glenn can offer. I, on the other hand, loathe you and find you most reprehensible.

  8. I sent an e-mail to her:


    You are lucky that Glenn is a pacifist. If I had been there I would have slapped your smug Lilly-white, late sipping excuse for a face.

    Please go back to your loser city, SF.

    • I hear that Mr. Ambrose. I’d like to think if Mr. Beck had been in a part of the crowd with at least one person who had some spine, someone would have stuck up for him and his family and told the hoodlums to knock it off.

  9. What a skank Piscitell is. Trying to be so Bohemian and present herself as creative. Get a real job, loooooser bee-otch!

  10. I really do think there are people who move to NYC because they have a preconceived notion of how “cool” it is to be able to say you’re “from the City” with a capital C. So they pack up the magic bus, make the “epic” journey cross-country, creating the back story they intend to tell when they get there, then proceed to find out it’s a BIG, mean place (San Fran must seem almost quaint by comparison, to our little darling, Ms. P) with little to offer the self-proclaimed 20-something “Marketing and Media Strategist” who – yes! – cannot not even manage her own personal brand strategy. The Tragically Hip Lindsey Piscitell. Her name is legion.

    • Exactly, exactly right. Agree with the “cool” factor of being ‘from the City’.

      I don’t understand how great she could possibly be at marketing and media strategies when she’d go after such a large demographic of people (i.e. fans of Glenn Beck). That might work in the loserville that is the creative underclass of Gawker, but if she wants clients and actual business, even in the city of Manhattan, it seems unwise to tick off the Beck demo. Right? What kind of a media strategy is that?? I know this is something she did on her own personal time, but you’d think she’d be wiser about it. It tells me she doesn’t really understand the media or has no real experience with it.

    • Most excellent summary and analysis!

  11. He would have been defended here in Texas.

  12. lindsey piscitell, ************************.

  13. Great analysis of the kind of person I dread having to interact with in buisness OR pleasure. I have known several of her type of psychotic narssistic waste cases. THEY are the very example of why our Nation is in the degraded state we have been subjected for the past 40+ years. The liberal bent of seeing ONLY their warped since of entitlement, while pontificating about how the traditional tried and true way of life is to be banished, can only be explained as a result of way too much dope ingestion.

    • That’s another good point. As a former leftist myself, I’ve known the likes of Piscatell for a long time. If you’ve never interacted with someone like her, consider yourself blessed. And whatever you do, when she asks you if you want to read one of her precious short stories or poems…RUN!!!

  14. Spokeo say’s she lives with her parents still.

  15. Time for her to move to San Fran. The question is: why is the tolerant left so intolerant? Poster child for how unhinged these folks are.

    • Well according to Ms. Piscatell: “We live our lives intolerant only of those who don’t tolerate.” So, they’re tolerant peace-loving Kumbaya types. BUT, if you disagree with their adolescent worldview, WELL THEN… Wine on your wife, sir!

      • Worse than “wine on your wife.” How many of these intolerant thugs have begun fights at Town Hall meetings, anti-union demonstrations, and elsewhere, where they ended up putting people in the hospital or worse? These people can’t tolerate any type of belief system other than their own, to the point of inciting violence to prove their point. They are truly the most disgusting examples of human dung I’ve ever seen.

  16. Lindsey Piscitell and her fellow witless skank, Marrissa Barker were able to finally do what they aspire to so vapidly. They have communicated an important life lesson to another twenty-something young lady, much to her benefit. Those who followed the story know that Glenn actually knew better than to go to a granola infested event like this without an APC but was talked into it by his idealistic and naive daughter whose name must be concealed to prevent retaliation. Idiot enemy of decency, Lindsey Spermburper Piscitell, as impressed with herself as her “work” is unimpressive has demonstrated to the Miss Beck that a) yes, so called Liberals are the assholes in private that they publicly reveal themselves to be and b) Dad knows what he is talking about. Good job, Lindsey, you grotesque sack of aesthetic hideousity. Yes, that means you are ugly, worm.

  17. Thank you for speaking out!!!

  18. Thank you very much for your post. This hateful, sickening behavior by someone who clearly disagrees with Glenn Beck is inexcusable. I am so very sorry for Glenn Beck and his family, who are avowed pacifists, but even sorrier for Lindsey P. and her cohort MB.

    The only thing more upsetting is that nobody in the crowd stood up to defend Mr. Beck and his family. I hope that I am wrong about that.

    I’m a huge Beck fan. You folks may not like him, but as LP and MB’s behavior illustrates, we could do far worse than listen to him and follow his example.

    To Ken: Beck and his family are utterly blameless for this incident. If this had taken place among conservatives…well, recall the Restoring Honor rally last August. That will tell you all you need to know. Makes me glad I am a tea party supporter. I will pray for those women.

    Thanks again for your report on this.

  19. Boy, some people never do figure it out! Do they??? I feel lazy myself because I don’t get paid for my writing but I don’t believe in being a royal pain or at least I try not to. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when this person realizes that nobody’s into this kind of smart aleck attitude. Seriously, he should show some freaking respect. It’s bad enough that Glenn’s been through the mill in his own personal life now he has to put upwith this junk? Honestly!!!!!

    • There’s nothing the least bit wrong with being a writer — paid or unpaid. My issue is with the ugliness of the so-called “creative underclass”. They have such high regard for themselves and their work. Often they’re not nearly as talented as they believe they are. They don’t know anything about running small businesses, hiring/firing people, making payroll. They don’t have a full understanding of capitalism in this country, but they love criticizing it. They think they are a merry band of artists, but they’re really a bunch of parasites who live off others and waste their days typing words on a laptop and calling it “work”. Or course, it’s not work work, is it? Writing can be challenging, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a fun avocation. Note they consider themselves a class, an oppressed class as usual. A marginalized group of unappreciated artists, according to them.

      Nothing peeves off the creative underclass more than knowing that Glenn Beck is himself a bestselling AUTHOR whose words have been read by millions, and the work of the creative underclass will be read by maybe dozens.

  20. I came across your page randomly, and I would like to thank you for being an honorable person; one who stands up in the name of truth, and who exposes a fraud for what it is. I applaud you for that.

  21. Thank you very much for this. Not a fan of Glenn Beck, but assaulting someone (unless in self-defense) is never okay.

  22. Nicely summarized and expressed. Well done.

  23. Shame on you Lindsey. I would never ever do something like that to anyone. I was brought up to respect people no matter what color, religion, or political standings they have. I think that you are a hateful person and the last laugh will be on you, when the time comes. Your life right now will never be the same, after what you did to Mr. Beck and his family…

  24. Lindsey your a Liar!
    I bet your parents are proud of you>

  25. This is an absolute thing of beauty. Thank you. It’s truly amazing how much the truth can get under one’s skin and cause them to become completely unhinged. Look up Lindsey Piscitell in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of a miserable soul that loathes education, enlightenment, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. How sad.

  26. Excellent article! And NO, we do NOT want her back in Cali. Do you know how hard it is to get these types of people of here? Let her move on to another big city like Hong Kong or London.

  27. I don’t think she wears enough eye makeup, do you?

    She only like a raccoon.

  28. Sounds like the “fuseful ools” Stalin, hitler and mau loved so much! She is simply a very sick person.

  29. excellent, well written, factual

  30. Now we have a name for it. We can say we were Piscitelled. Everyone will know it means someone minding their own business while being conservative was treated like a sub human by a progressive asshole.

  31. She must be a Democrat. She sure lies like one.

  32. Something tells me life in the “creative underclass” isn’t too difficult for her –>

    • Hey…how does a person go from “BA in English and American literature, creative writing and metropolitan studies with honors from New York University” to Financial Analyst??? Granted, it’s her father’s company, but that scares the hell out of me that a financial analyst’s qualifications exclusively involve reading John Updike for 2 years (or whatever). Makes you wonder, for those of us who have portfolios and take advice from so-called financial analysts.

    • If you scroll further down, past DAMG CEO, Daddy Piscitell and Financial Analyst Lindsey Piscitell, you will find that Justin Piscitell is also employed by DAMG. His title? I’m not making this up… literally copied and pasted… “Lead Pro Driver, DAMG Racing.”

      What a coincidence that he wound up on the racing team sponsored by his father’s company!

  33. Why are you putting up all of this girl’s information? Take it down. It’s wrong. You can hate on her, sure, but take down the photos and contact info. It’s unsafe and cruel.

    • yeahh…I’ll be sure to take down the photos as soon as you get gawker and all the other sites to take down the pictures of Glenn Beck and his family trying to enjoy a movie night in the park. Do that and then talk to me about unsafe and cruel (how were you able to write “unsafe and cruel” with a straight face? no irony regarding the Beck family?)

      For the record, there is a ton of personal information about Ms. Piscatell that has been forwarded to me or put in to the comments section and I’ve deleted all of it out of respect to her. I think her email addy and a few pictures are fair game, don’t you? What’s it to you anyway? Is she complaining?

      • This is not fair at all. The Becks have security personnel. You’re encouraging hate mail. Isn’t your award of the week enough? This is wrong.

      • Ever tried to have a really nice moment with you spouse and child? A memory all of you can share and look back on as a nice time. Those moments, for a father, are harder and harder to come by as your daughters get older.

        Beck and his daughter both have an affinity for Hitchcock movies. It sounded like the daughter went out of her way to invite her dad to join her at Bryant Park so they could both have this little, tiny moment in time. But they’re not going to have that moment. Ever again (you only get so many opportunities to enjoy an outdoor Hitchcock movie with your soon-to-be-adult daughter). They’re not going to have that chance again because of this particular woman and her ilk. Why? Because a bunch of people just couldn’t help themselves. It’s a decency question, d-rab. I dislike Obama, Van Jones, Keith Olbermann, and Kim Kardashian, but if I saw them sitting in front of me at a movie theater, I wouldn’t throw popcorn at them or “accidentally” spill my drinks on them. I wouldn’t say anything to them, and I really wouldn’t pay them any mind. AND if they were getting hassled by some boisterous loudmouths from the peanut gallery, I’d politely ask the loudmouths to knock it off.

        So your arguments about ‘oh, this isn’t fair’ and it’s just wrong, etc. It doesn’t really hold water, does it? For the record, there’s all kinds of information that’s out there that is public record. I’m not posting any of that stuff. People who were motivated to contact Ms. P were going to do it no matter what. They didn’t need my help.

        But, I tell you what. I’ll do what Ms. P is constitutionally incapable of doing for Glenn Beck. I’ll tell all my readers this — if you do happen to contact Ms. P via email, please be polite and courteous. 🙂

        Happy, D?

      • D Rab, get over your pitiful self, will you? Good lord…

    • D Rab, why should they take it down? It’s far less than what SHE did to INNOCENT GLENN and his wife and CHILD, for crying out loud. It’s time we quit taking this crap from these assholes and give some back. She’s so proud of what she did — let her enjoy her 15 minutes of fame in all its glory. Screw that bitch and the donkey she rode in on. If it’s “unsafe and cruel,” it’s only because SHE made it that way. She attacked a family just sitting there minding their own business. THEN she posted online about how proud she was of her antics. So… tell me again. WHO is cruel here? WHO made it unsafe? However, even THAT is a misnomer because those on teh right don’t harm others like those on the left do.

  34. Karma is a beautiful thing!!

  35. Seeing who her father is also cleared up my curiosity as to why Obama’s verified twitter account is listed as one of her 39 at the time followers….she’s down to the teens now but Zero is still holding on, lol.

  36. “Yes… “accidentally”. What a gem this one is. Her parents must be ever so proud.”

    The above quote sums up exactly what I was thinking. Great article. I love the whole liberal “I didn’t do it” act, oops I got caught in a lie. What’s next, she’ll say her account got hacked. What a horrible person she is and she should continue to be made an example of.

  37. Typical Liberal behavior from my experiences.

  38. Seems that her role as “Marketing and Media Manager at” is nothing more than a room listing of her swanky apartment, with a view of the Hudson River:

    Wonder how she affords that lifestyle as a hip New Yorker, given that she’s relegated to the “creative underclass”…..

    • I was wondering that myself. That apartment would have to be seriously expensive. Not the kind of place for someone who is merely a writer. It appears that her association with the creative underclass is more like fashionable slumming. But that’s most leftists anyway.

  39. I couldn’t have said it better — thanks for clearly saying what we all are thinking!! Kudos!

  40. apparently her father is a capitalist pig……I’ feel sorry for him

    DAMG worldwide….

  41. Her dad & boss is a conservative too:

    He has George W. Bush and Being Conservative listed as interests on his Facebook page.

    • I was wondering about that. I was reading about her father’s career. He’s pretty accomplished in his field as far as business sense. So, she told Glenn Beck ‘Conservatives aren’t welcome here’..?? LOL…what the hell?!

  42. Glenn was kind. If I had been sitting there and they threatened my wife and little girl that way…..THEY would have been the ones needing a body guard.

    Best way to describe “liberal” in this day and age: EVIL

    If you believe that there is a spiritual battle waging (and Glenn does) then it becomes pretty clear when you look at the conservative/liberal battle that it could be viewed as a battle between good and evil. Our founders knew and said that our “great experiment” (the Republic) would not survive without a virtuous and moral people……This woman is just a lazy tool. No virtue. No morality. No honor.

  43. Poor hateful left wing nut Lindsey Piscitell has changed her name on her FB account to Lindsey Jean. To Bad it will not change her bias liberal hateful stripes.

  44. I think a new… well old term is about to be reborn “Liberal Dictatorship” and in the words of Benjamin Disraeli “An agreeable person is a person who agrees with me…”.

    The motto is simple: You either think like us or you are the enemy and as we were taught everything is fair in love and war.

    Sad but true.

  45. Liberals like her tend to act in whatever their associates think are “cool” with very few supporting facts in terms of public policies. Ask a self titled hard leftist about policy and you’ll most likely get an emotional response with the supporting argument focused on “evil” conservatives, usually based on something from left wing propaganda machines like think progress, climate progress, etc. You’d think these people would realize where they’re getting their biased “news” since they always complain about Fox News – the actual news programs, not the prime time political commentary shows.

  46. I wonder if the little trollop likes all the attention she’s getting. BIG mistake, going after somebody who has the ability to destroy you on the ‘net. I, on the other hand, am LOVING it. 🙂

  47. Hopefully she learned her lesson after this public flogging, but I’m not optimistic.

  48. She renamed her roomorama profile already to jeanp and took down the pics – this is great to watch. Karma’s a bitch!

  49. This public shunning is way better than anything Glenn could have done that night. HE may be too pacifist to do anything about her, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us are. I love how much crap about her they posted on The Blaze as well. Maybe now she sees what it’s like to become reviled and hated — except in HER case, she earned it by being a douchebag.

  50. I sincerely doubt she’s going to take a “public flogging” (at least not initially) … on the contrary, I’ve got my stopwatch at the ready, anticipating her sorry self appearing on MSNBC to be interviewed (Rachel?) about the horrid treatment she has been forced to endure at the hands of Glenn Beck fans and “right-wing nut-jobs” … she’ll appear with her attorney (Gloria Allred?) (daddy-provided and paid for?) to tell how she’s in fear of her life … can’t go out because of the publicity … etc etc etc, ad nauseum. Then, like Weiner, the truth will overwhelm even the hard-hard-left, who will no longer be able to justify her behavior, lies and subsequent melodrama. And GB will take the high road, as he always does and inspires other to do, thereby accelerating her disgraceful decline and fall. Liberals. They’re so predictable, it’s almost no fun anymore. 😀

  51. @JerseyGrrrl, I’m not that certain about her decline…

    There is nothing like short memories, daddy’s money and a supportive audience that would fix everything together with time. This is the liberals time to shine before they would be sent back to the alcove. Maybe in 2012 maybe not however nothing lasts forever.

    Liberalism comes out of convenience and delusions of grander ie “I’m so much better then those plebes…” As soon the convenience factor is taken out of the equation, that is you lose your job, you pay so much taxes you can’t support your latte habits or there is no food on the table, their opinions would change.

    Until then we would need to continue to doge the political petroleum swings…

  52. I have to agree, I can see some liberal “news” media playing her as the victim and conveniently leaving out the details and evidence. I’m also sure they’d call out Beck’s actions as an invasion of privacy, slander, defamation, etc., even though all of this is made public and I’m sure Beck consulted with his attorneys before posting the info as well. I can even see this blowing up to a point where a lone ultra liberal representative, probably Chuck Schumer, introduces legislation to protect “victims” like her. You play with fire, you get burned – clearly she’s not as smart as she thinks and doesn’t have much integrity or respect for others. I bet her father, being a conservative, is getting a good laugh out of this, believing she deserved it. I know I would if it was my kid.

  53. There was no invasion of privacy whatsoever. All the information was out there for everyone to see…

  54. Lindsey Piscitell WOW! What a tool!! People like that need to be bitch slapped and publicly flogged! Get a life and stop being a BITCH! You and your liberal friends need to get a grip on life and do something positive for AMERICA. Join the military and see what the world is really like! Its great to see all the ATTENTION that your getting from this stunt. I pray that you enjoy it to it fullest extent!!!

  55. It appears that Ms. Piscitell works in her father’s business.

    Instead of paying for college, paying for charm school might of been a better option. It is so sad when an “educations” takes you away from common courtesy and respect for others. I am continually surprised by the blind, double standard. They preach tolerance, diversity, but that is only if you fit in their mold. I have sat, politely, and listened to what I believe to be hogwash. I didn’t need to go to charm school, I was taught (and practice) respectful treatment of others……even those who have a different opinion. I can’t help but wonder what the parents think? Are they proud of her actions? Support them? Or is she a child that was brainwashed by society and just isn’t capable of having her own ideas? I remember so many of those in the 60’s, thinking they were “different” but all marching to the same tune. I’ve always been an individual, and the standards I put on myself, are higher than I expect of others.

  56. The asshole has made a facebook page!

    Bryant Park Movie Night(s)!

  57. I wish someone would interview her family.

    Seeing her father’s facebook page, it appears this apple rolled away from the tree. However, it happens so often when children don’t make their own success, but are carried along with that sense of entitlement.

    I remember the 60’s when most children were rebellious. Sometimes it is a right of passage, we are different people years later. Hopefully, somewhere in this life lesson, she learns from her mistakes. She definately needs some soul searching, and a good hard look in the mirror. She may not like what she sees…..but she can change……if she chooses.

  58. And I thought liberals were so ‘tolerant’ of others and the opinions of others. Lindsey’s actions are the true face of the liberal we know today. Horribly mean-spirited and angry. I’ll just bet her family who sounds as if they have done well for themselves as ‘capitalists’ are so very proud of the attention thier lovey daughter/family-member is receiving. Please don’t sent Lindsey back here to California, we already have far too many nut-jobs like her here know.

  59. and the liberal spin begins…


  60. Speaking as someone who typically finds herself in the middle of the road politically, I still find it troubling that there are people who carry around so much animosity toward people they disagree with, if for no other reason than it can’t be a healthy state of mind. Surely there are better things to do with your life than looking for petty, juvenile ways to get back at someone for having opinions. I don’t have to be a supporter of Glenn to recognize that it’s wrong to harass someone who’s just out to have a nice evening, who isn’t threatening anyone with physical violence, or causing any trouble for anyone except the imagined offenses people invent in their minds. Could it be that the person sitting across from you isn’t the monster you thought they were. If you sat down for a moment you may even find you have similar tastes in films and agree on any number of topics. But that would be too simple wouldn’t it?

    I was taught by my parents to respect others and be courteous even when you can’t agree. Is that really a difficult concept to grasp? The rest of America seems to get the concept, even as they exchange frustrated words with one another over an endless number of debates. It’s always the screwballs in the political arena who resort to petty tactics. Nobody takes the time to listen anymore. In the end, I feel sorry for people like her. Instead of making something out of her life, she chooses to throw away her potential and be an unpleasant person. In the end it’s just pointless tilting at windmills…

  61. Thank you I emailed the little gnat, and she threatened me…..I guess I was not being tolerant enough of her freedom to assault people and their families in public.
    I also emailed her employer….This news will definately hurt their biz…They are real estate sellers/renters….
    What an ignorant fool she is.
    She will always have this action around her neck,and being in the public relations biz….
    New POEM for Lindsey..

    • She threatened you? What did she say?

      • She was going to report me to the authorities!And then I’d be in trouble…guess she doesn’t like it when people butt into HER private life…..But it’s ok to assault a family in the park because you don’t agree with them.
        Oh my……

      • Report you to the authorities for what? Emailing her?

      • I’m sure the little bitch has had a helluva day. Poor baby. 🙂

    • Thank you I emailed the little gnat, and she threatened me…..I guess I was not being tolerant enough of her freedom to assault people and their families in public.
      I also emailed her employer….This news will definately hurt their biz…They are real estate sellers/renters….
      What an ignorant fool she is.
      She will always have this action around her neck,and being in the public relations biz….
      New POEM for Lindsey..

      Now we see that she is nothing more than a silver spooned rich kid, spoiled by Daddy money,never really had to stand on her own, and now is an embarrassment to her father.
      The curse of a sucessful man, he cannot control how his children grow up, as he is rarely around.
      Well we see this little one could have used a few Daddy lessons early on.
      Manners for a start.
      Spare the rod,spoil the child, applies here.

    • She has an auto respond to her emails, i just tried to email her and got this. I doubt that anyone cares about it though:

      “If you are not known to me and I continue receiving correspondencefrom you, this correspondence and any of its affiliated IP addresses/traceable parts will be reported to the authorities.”

      • LOL…Reported to the authorities?? She’s a funny one. Make sure to check out the dramatic reading of her poem.

      • Awwwwwwwwwww, what a typical libtard. She loves to be part of the bullying — so long as SHE’S not the one being bullied. I hope she’s getting holy HELL for her antics. I hope she has to change her name and go into the witness protection program. Wait — she’d only have to do that if she was a conservative being maligned and harassed by libtards. Scratch that.

  62. Damn good thing I wasn’t there, I would not have been able to control myself. That bi-ouch is getting what she deserves bet she thinks again of bulling someone after the folks get through with her. I LOVE GLENN BECK AND HIS FAMILY. ANYONE DON’T LIKE IT CAN GO STRAIGHT TO @#$!……

  63. show her what facing a mob is like by emailing the little spoiled brat.

  64. Love this site. You just got added to my Bookmarks. She is an asshole and you said it so well. Thank you!

  65. Wow, talk about cluless; unfortunately,this woman is simply a symptom of what our society is devolving into. In my last job, I was responsible for supervising a diverse set of employees. These included the so-called “Millennials”, the generation that is just now coming into the workforce, of which Ms. Piscitell is a member of (I also call them “the entitled generation”). We were given specific training on how to interact with these workers, because they were different than what we were used to supervising (I am a Baby Boomer). They expected to have lots of “attaboys”, and they did not like the structured work environment that we are all used to. After getting this training, I realized how messed up this generation is. Living in the Washington, DC area, I see these people all the time, and it is very disturbing. Unfortunately, these people are the result of our lifestyle, as parents, where our jobs and hobbies are more important than raising our kids, so this “latchkey” generation has grown up with less guidance and nurturing. Plus, in our misguided effort to always give praise, no matter the outcome, we have created a generation of people who expect to be rewarded, even if they end up in tenth place! What ever happened to tough love?

    Bottom line, as Glenn points out, this is the tip of the iceberg, and we need to prepare for the coming storm. Me, I am moving out of DC (or, as I call it, ground zero) to the country, and I will be stockpiling food and ammunition. The Millennials will be the first ones to sink into anarchy, since they have not been taught any survival skills. God help this country when this all happens, soon.

    • Excellent post & as a headhunter that occasionally recruits for “Millennials” I could not agree more. My wife & I also sold our home in the “city” & moved to the deep country. Not from DC mind you (I could never deal with that level of crazy) but a decent size city filled with more degenerates than I care to ever be around again. Good luck with your move!

  66. Looks like she took down the Facebook page for movie night now – because her pictures were available there. She’s probably following this blog to see what things we bring up so she can disable them.

  67. Just sent an email and got this automated response a second later:

    “If you are not known to me and I continue receiving correspondence
    from you, this correspondence and any of its affiliated IP addresses/
    traceable parts will be reported to the authorities.”

    LOL, imagine that. Seems little miss Thang isn’t enjoying her publicity so much. Perhaps the clearly intentional occurrence of assault in the park should’ve been reported to the authorities. I’m far from a Glenn Beck fan but, I can’t stand tolerance of intolerance (as she says).

  68. Nothing but a bone head lib..Mom and Dad must be real proud.

  69. I know I’m veering off topic here, she got her 15 seconds of glory, have anyone paid attentions to that? totally flew bellow the radar. I don’t know but this reminds me of the Stalin repatriation plan or Enver Hoxa’s plans… truly scary…

    Thought anyone?

  70. Just sent an email to her “work” and will be sending one to her dad as well. Perhaps he can talk some sense into her. She owes Glenn and his family a public apology. Perhaps enough emails to Daddy and her supposed employer will prompt her to do the right thing. Can you imagine the outrage if a conservative twentysomething had done this to Bill Maher, Janeane Garofalo, Rachel Maddow, or one of the other beloved lefties??

  71. Looks like the liberal trustfund sweetheart Lindsay doesn’t like all these mean conservatives firing back at her for deciding to ruin a family’s night out all because she doesn’t like the father’s views.

    Poor baby. When you stick your chin out so arrogantly in malicious accomplishment, don’t cry when someone takes their fist to it.

    (love your blog, btw; consider yourself bookmarked)

  72. Hey Lyndsey…what comes around goes around. Looks like your 15 minutes of fame ain’t turnin out so good. You and your looser friends are what’s really wrong with America today!!

  73. Here are some more examples of that self-proclaimed liberal ‘peace, love and tolerance’ we’ve all come to know and expect:

    – “I am extremely shocked he left with his own head intact.”
    – ” The world would be a far better place if he hadn’t”

    – “If there’s one thing beck and others of his ilk have learned it’s that the victim card is the most effective tool in their shed.” [now THAT’S rich]

    – “This is how lying fascist pricks should be treated. It time to show these liars that they’re ideas and hate speech will not be tolerated. I know this seems contradictory but I am also intolerant of stepping into dog crap”

    – “Were there people with guns strapped to their leg? Were there people shouting about lock and load, were there people calling him every name they could think off? If not then STFU it was NOT hostile.”

    – “This is the way he should be treated in public-Also Grover Norquist etc.. As was said before-as you reap so shall ye sow…
    And I think you were treated kindly compared to the hate you spew on a daily basis.”

    – “He deserves alot worse then that”

    – “Near 300 Million people despise you Loser.
    Perhaps stay in you self inflated Bubble
    of self serving reality, and stay away from
    ‘Real Americans’. Only your viewers like you at all Bozo Beck.
    Everyone else Hates you. Isn’t that what you
    wanted? Go play Joan of Arch for everyone now,
    Little Miss Martyr. Shove off.”

    – “He’s a lying sack of shit How about the lives you’ve ruined by spewing hatred, you miserable drunken moron. God, I wish we would decide to fight back against him and his brain dead followers”

    – “Karma’s a bitch isn’t it, Glenn?”

    – “This wasn’t karma
    karma would have been Beck leaving in a rubber bag”

    – “He deserves it, if it’s true.”

    – “Too fucking bad
    He thinks he can live in New York, insult liberals day in and day out – call us traitors and nazis and thinks he can wander around this very blue city with no blowback? I’ve been to those Bryant Park movies and they’re a lot of fun. If I were there I would have called him a pig to his face and in front of his family.”

    Surprised? Me neither.

  74. I am not surprised about the rants from the left. After Gabrielle Giffords and others were shot in Arizona, Obama made a big deal about calling for civility and lowering the rhetoric. Gee, that lasted about 15 minutes. The most vile spews come from the left, not to mention violence and civil unrest. Witness what happened in Wisconsin. It is all part of the plan to destabilize America and rebuild it in George Soro’s image. God save America!

  75. what a dumb person. shame on her. she will learn humility. i hate this stuff. what has politics come to? if i were her mother, i dont care if shes 40, id spank her. and id also ask myself, where did i fail a a parent?

  76. Is she going to be prosecuted or what??? I think it would be good if she did end up in court about this.

  77. Lindsey Piscitell
    Work e-mail
    Drop her a line.

  78. I was struck by the Roomorama website. And then the questions began….these “rooms” are rented out in hotel or b&b fashion. They are listed up to $400+ a night. Did the owners of the property apply for appropriate license from the state/local government? Have the local building inspectors approved the dwellings safe for transient guests? Is the city collecting hotel taxes on these overnight stays? (NYC hotel tax is 5.875%.) The city is, potentially, losing tax revenue from these people. I wonder how many of these rooms are located in leased apartments. Is the rentor and/or condo board aware that an unlicensed business is being conducted on their premises? And a final thought….is this income declared on their tax returns, local, state and federal?

    • Fair questions… the room she was pimping out was pretty high end. I’d guess $1100-$1300 a month, great location, and she was renting it out for $75 a day.

      • Thanks, I’m just saying the idea of a “short-term lease” is nullified by rooms advertised at a nightly rate. Working for an attorney fries my brain that way.

        So, is the left-leaning darling paying her taxes?

      • Good question. Maybe the proper authorities ought to investigate that. 😉

  79. Well, I spoke too soon. God bless NYC, wait five minutes and they’ll create a law. This also includes roomorama. Wonder if the other neighborhoods have wised up.

  80. Her father changed his facebook in the last week to add the “GW Bush” and “Being Conservative” spin control.

    He’s never donated to a Republican in his life.

  81. Looks like Lindsey Piscitell has a side job renting out her apartment, as recently as last week.

    Let’s hope its not rent controlled and that she’s been paying income taxes on that rent.

    “June 17, 2011 Suhana said:
    Staying at Lindsey’s gives you a good idea on how hip New Yorkers live. The apartment is situated in a good and safe part of NYC – away from the mayhem but close enough to all the excitement. Lindsey is an amazing host who is incredibly accommodating. We stayed in her apartment for two days in the big room which is very comfortable for two people. Clean, airy and lots of natural light in the bedroom. Internet connection is super especially when you need it for business. She also went out of her way to accommodate us a couple of days later when we came back from a 3-day trip to Canada which I thought was really nice of her. It was in a smaller room but just as comfortable. What I love most about the apartment is the incredible view of the Hudson River. Apartment is located near everything you might possibly need – a supermarket, Starbucks, car rentals, delis and a myriad of restaurants and cafes. I definitely would stay here again when I go back to NYC if Lindsey would have us. A definite yes. Two thumbs up. PS: Lindsey looks like Anne Hathway! 🙂 ”

    Here’s a picture of her renter Suhana:

  82. Looks like Lindsay rented her apartment out five times in the last 75 days alone.

    Here’s some reviews:

    “Staying at Lindsey’s gives you a good idea on how hip New Yorkers live. The apartment is situated in a good and safe part of NYC – away from the mayhem but close enough to all the excitement. Lindsey is an amazing host who is incredibly accommodating. We stayed in her apartment for two days in the big room which is very comfortable for two people. Clean, airy and lots of natural light in the bedroom. Internet connection is super especially when you need it for business. She also went out of her way to accommodate us a couple of days later when we came back from a 3-day trip to Canada which I thought was really nice of her. It was in a smaller room but just as comfortable. What I love most about the apartment is the incredible view of the Hudson River. Apartment is located near everything you might possibly need – a supermarket, Starbucks, car rentals, delis and a myriad of restaurants and cafes. I definitely would stay here again when I go back to NYC if Lindsey would have us. A definite yes. Two thumbs up. PS: Lindsey looks like Anne Hathway! 🙂

    June 16, 2011 Olivercyb
    Lindsey is a very helpful host. We had a friend who joined us on the trip last min and we approached her for help. Even though the max capacity was two, she was flexible and she even got us an inflatable bed. She invited us with gift packs too which was really sweet of her! The room was clean and truly as advertised. I would highly recommend this place!

    June 08, 2011 Olimar
    Better and cheaper than a hotel. Well located with nice restaurants all around (go to 5 neapkins ). Large bedroom and a great host. I really recommand this place.

    March 13, 2011 Elizabethpedler
    The week we had in Lindsey’s room was great. The flat is in a superb central location in a great block with lots of restaurants nearby. The room was extremely welcoming, clean and tidy with an extremely comfortable bed and a great bathroom. Lindsey left out clean linen, towels soap and shower gel for us to use which was a lovely unexpected touch. Bigger than most hotel rooms, it was a real treat for us to stay here and I can thoroughly recommend the room and the host.

    April 16, 2010 Florenciaflo
    The room is big, sunny, and clean. Lindsey is really nice, hospitable, and she made sure I was comfortable in the house. Thank you for a great stay!!

  83. Looks like LIndsay’s father Joseph A. Piscitell, created LindJust Realty Corp, at 1025 Prospect St Ste 300 La Jolla, CA 92037. in La Jolla California, named after his two children Lindsay (the wine-flinger), and Justin (the driver of his father’s company’s racecar).

  84. Looks like Lindsay’s father Joseph Piscitell’s company DAMG sponsors her brother Justin in his yellow Mazda Miata.

    “Justin Piscitell won his first ever pole position in SCCA Pro Racing Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup qualifying. ”

    Looking at what DAMG does (privatizing airports through local legislation), I can’t help thinking that this is really a personal hobby being inappropriately written off as a marketing expense.

  85. Here’s Lindsay’s brother Justin Piscitell’s bio:

    “March 19, 2009 (Sebring, Fla). Justin Piscitell has one of the shortest resumes ever for someone who will be making the jump to professional motorsports in 2009. ”

  86. Lindsay’s brother Justin was born on June 3, 1989 at St John’s Hospital In Yonkers, NY.

    He enjoys go-karting, iracing, and relaxing with his dog.

  87. Justin’s bio states that his only experience in racing a car prior to being sponsored by his father’s company was a three day racing school. And of course iracing, which I assume is a video game?

  88. Oops… Some of those rentals are from 2010. I sure hope our little daddy’s girl declared that income on her 2010 tax returns. Anyone want to let the IRS in on this spoiled little brat’s scheme? Go to:
    So, this little brat is on the payroll for her daddy’s (Republican) company and uses his money to rent a “hip” apartment in Manhatten, which she proceeds to rent out illegally for more money. Yep… she’s a Democrat alright. Living off a Republican’s money and cheating the system.

  89. While it’s not at all clear that Lindsey’s Daddy is a Republican, what IS clear is that he is a capitalist! And it should surprise no one that our young Miss Lindsey (of the famed “creative underclass”) is just another Limousine Liberal a/k/a HYPOCRITE who, while espousing hatred and outrage at a Conservative Capitalist’s (GB’s) work ethic, belief system, hard work, and success, enjoys the fruits of her father’s hard work and success with no signs of the self-loathing that should ooze from her every pathetic pore. From all appearances, I would say she’s done little, if anything, to have earned the lifestyle to which she has apparently become accustomed, thanks to dear old Dad. What DO these people see when they look themselves in the mirror every morning??

  90. Apparently Lindsy’s dad, or should I say sugar daddy, has listed “George Bush” as one of his “interests” on his Facebook page. I assume he’s a Republican although with Liberal hystaria and Bush derangement syndrome, I guess he could also be a liberal wack-job. I just assumed since he has a job and employs people, including his useless children… (let’s see “race car driver”, after a 3-day racing course, and “vagabond”) I assume he’s a Rpublican.

  91. She is a hypocrite and a moron like all liberals out there.


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