MICHAEL F. CANNON: “Supporters of the law went apoplectic, for instance, when a survey by McKinsey & Co. found that up to 30 percent of firms may respond to Obamacare’s incentives to drop health benefits by — get this — dropping health benefits. McKinsey stands by its survey.

In addition, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ non-partisan chief actuary last week revealed that the law opens Medicaid to 5 million middle-class retirees, a change that “just makes no sense.”

But even as these revelations emerged, a cascade of stories showed Obamacare’s approach to cost control — letting government planners manipulate prices and dictate other terms of health care transactions — doesn’t work.

A federally chartered study found that Medicare’s price controls are based on “inaccurate, unreliable data,” resulting in “deeply flawed” price levels, according to The New York Times

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that children on Medicaid were refused appointments by 66 percent of specialists and had to wait 22 days longer for an appointment than kids with private insurance. The main culprit is Medicaid’s price controls, which one survey reports 24 states plan to ratchet down even further.

Obamacare expands coverage mostly by cramming another 25 million Americans into that program.

[READ THE REST: “A(nother) Bad Month For Obamacare ” at Kaiser Health News]


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