RECENTLY UNEMPLOYED STATE WORKER WITH CHILD ON THE WAY FACES NEW JOB MARKET WITHOUT ANY MARKETABLE SKILLS: More opportunities to hit the gym and spend time at home on the Internets and Facebook…what will Weiner do with all that time…once his wife is out the door?

Michelle Malkin on the Perils of Being a Beauracrat, ‘er public servant, for 20 years:

MALKIN: “Weiner has no plans of toiling among the masses. This week’s resignation speech sounded like a future campaign kick-off: “I’ll be looking for other ways to contribute my talents,” he signaled, “so that we live up to that most New York and American of ideals. The ideal that a family, a community and, ultimately, a country is the one thing that unites us. The one thing that we’re all focused on. With God’s help and with hard work, we will all be successful.”

How, exactly, is a serial liar who antagonized his own liberal media allies by calling them “jackasses,” who countenanced libelous attacks on conservative bloggers and who threw his own family under the bus to save his political hide in a position to “unite” us all? And what, pray tell, are these “talents” of which he speaks?

A lucky beneficiary of the New York Democratic political machinery, Weiner has no law degree. He has no business background. No private-sector proficiencies to pay the bills. And no hands-on experience — other than the R-rated kind, that is.

[READ Michelle Malkin’s “Weiner’s Woes: No Skills to Pay the Bills” at]


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