We offer this only because it illustrates the mindset of the “educated” ruling class that deemed President Obama to be Oh so cultured! He’s intellectual and an academic and well schooled. (waiting on those transcripts any day now, Barry). This video clip shows you the quality of character that particular mindset yields: a whole group of people who aren’t as impressive as they think they are.

My favorite part is the end when she says she’s not crazy, as if imploring the other passengers to believe her, dammit!

Full credit to the employee for conducting herself in such a professional manner. Top marks. Hermon, the train employee EARNS an A+.

You, Hermon (can I call you Herman?) — you, Herman, get a total FAIL. Poor. Your parents will be soooooo disappointed. The Indian Gods are cursing you. What’s that? You think you’re entitled to a higher grade? Why? Who are your parents? Sorry, doesn’t ring a bell. You still get a giant heaping…F!

(as to whether or not she’s an Obama supporter or not, I’ll just say this — conservatives and libertarians don’t speak the way she did. But I know TONS of liberals who do.)

For the full workup: “Do you know how well educated I am? Wall street interns flips out at the conductor on Metro North” at]


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