TELEGRAPH: “Barack Obama’s approval ratings on economy hit new low”

UK TELEGRAPH: “The bounce Barack Obama enjoyed in the polls after US troops killed Osama bin Laden has evaporated in just a month with his approval rating on the economy reaching a new low.

59 per cent of respondents gave the president negative marks for his handling of the economy, up from 55 per cent a month earlier.

The bounce up to 56 per cent in in his overall approval rating after the al-Qaeda leader was killed in Pakistan on May 2 has quickly slipped back to its previous level of 47 per cent.

The Washington Post-ABC poll was taken as a slew of depressing economic figures was released and further pressure was piled on President Obama when it was announced that his top economic adviser was stepping down.

New jobs figures showed unemployment rising slightly to 9.1 per cent after a slow but steady decline. Average house prices are still falling and have now wiped out the equity gains of the first decade of the century.”

[Read Alex Spillius’ “Barack Obama’s approval ratings on economy hit new low” at the UK Telegraph]


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