Republicans would do well to point out — and hammer home the point — that the economy is the way it presently is NOT because of Bush41, but because of Obama. Middle of the road voters, I suspect, still think the current state of the economy has something to do with Bush. That’s the general media consensus. Some vague sense that Bush mishandled Iraq and the intelligence there, and so he’s somehow involved in the current state of things even three years later. To be sure, policies of one administration can have far-reaching consequences several years later (SEE: William J. Clinton’s economy in the years after Bush41 — perhaps Bush41 should have gotten an assist).

After three years most reasonable individuals can conclude that Obama knows less about how an economy actually works than the your typical 8-year old running a lemonade stand. He’s an ignoramus and it shows when he speaks. He has these nebulous and oversimplified notions of the economy being in a ditch, placed there by Republicans, and Dems are trying to get the car out. And we were on the verge of disaster and a mega-depression until Obama saved us. Bull shit!

Before November 2012 Republicans need to burn it into every voter’s mind the graph of what the economy (unemployment) would have looked like under the Republican model vs. what Obama projected under his model.

Gay Patriot:  “Had we done nothing, the president’s economists warned us, unemployment today would be a tad above 8% and declining.

With the latest figures of 9.1% unemployment, up one-tenth of a point over last month, unemployment is a full point ahead of where it was supposed to be without the near- one trillion dollar increase in federal debt.

[Read Gay Patriot’s post: “With unemployment rising, will Obama Democrats acknowledge failure of their economic policies?“]


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