STAR WARS — THE NEW HOPE: “The one Republicans really want: Paul Ryan is the anti-Obama who can bring back America from the brink”

 Jeffrey Kuhner: “There is a potential presidential candidate whom almost every Republican wants. This person would not only galvanize the GOP base, but attract large numbers of independents and centrists as well. He would smash President Obama in 2012 and probably win by a landslide. He is Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

More than Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich – or any other possible “first-tier” candidate – the House Budget Committee chairman would be the most formidable challenger. He is smart, articulate and principled. He has name recognition. He possesses superb instincts and considerable political experience. Moreover, he has genuine star power: No other Republican can appeal to every faction in the party – economic conservatives, Tea Partyers, national security hawks, nationalists, libertarians, moderates and the establishment.”

[READ Jeffrey Kuhner’s “The one Republicans really want” at the Washington Times]


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