Reason’s Matt Welch: “The easily-winded young fella is from an outfit called Faithful America, whose purposes from what I can quickly gather is to to attack Republicans and support Barack Obama using the language of Christ (sample spirituality: “Challenge Boehner’s Budget Priorities”). Quite like the American Values Network, which has been mixing its Rand-baiting with stimulus-supporting for some time now. Amen, and pass the Pelosi!

…I think the main takeaway here is that Democrats have once again succeeded in creating mirror institutions of rightist political institutions they’ve long despised. The right, after all, has been hating on Rand’s atheism from the git-go. What’s new is that the anti-Jesusland party is now attacking people for their lack of faith (or correct interpretation of the Gospels)..

Buyer beware: over the next year the Progressives are going to shape-shift and concern troll using all manner of performance stunts. The intent isn’t to point out hypocrisy, but to cause mischief and make it seem that Republicans aren’t good Christians because they don’t believe in economic and social justice (the way they claim Jesus would — as if they really care about Jesus, right?)

[Check out Reason.com: “Ayn Rand Hating Christian is Unsuccessful Getting a Bible Into Paul Ryan’s Hand“]


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