What to say about Kasie Hunt? Kasie Hunt is the genius behind the Politico piece “Sarah Palin’s Tour a Rolling Menace”. On Kacie’s personal website she makes a point of itemizing a few things that won’t be found: “political opinion, an ideological point of view or any activity that could pose a conflict of interest for POLITICO.” She adds,  “Posting an article from the opinion pages of a nonpartisan news site or a story from a partisan media outlet doesn’t constitute an endorsement.” So once again we have a person claiming to be an objective and professional journalist, but as we’ll show she’s anything but. She’s a typical Liberal Hack.

Here are some of the gems from Kasie’s Politico propaganda piece.

Kasie first says, “Journalists in the caravan trailing her “One Nation” tour bus describe the experience as harrowing..” No quote? We’re supposed to take Kasie at her word that journalists are describing their experience as harrowing. Not even an anonymous quote? Is this one journalist only or the plurality? Is it merely the feelings being expressed by one Kacie Hunt? Are we to assume that all the journalists feel that way?

Kasie then writes: “Palin’s two-SUV caravan traveled at 52 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone as it peeled away from the hosts’ neighborhood. Both cars blew through a stop sign about a mile later. They did 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on I-95 — and then, after they got off, without signaling, flew right past a flashing sign informing them they were going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone.”

While 52 in a 35 seems a bit much, 70 in a 55 on I-95 does not seem like the craziest speeding ever. And 45 in a 35? You’re going to bust her for that?

Without signaling? Seriously? Part of my problem is, how do I even believe you? You want me to take your word for it? That all these things happened just as you said? Is your credibility unimpeachable? There isn’t anything within your driving journal that sounds so outlandish. In fact, it sounds like you’re stretching, Kasie.

Then Kasie writes, “And that was after they had already stormed the major cities — and just missed driving through a tornado on the road into Boston.”

I noticed that Kasie Hunt, on top of considering herself a reporter, also has delusions that she’s a writer. And with the above line you can now see why. Hunt combined “stormed” with “just missed driving through a tornado”, in addition to the title of the piece “rolling menace”. What’s next Kasie? References to Palin as the Tasmanian devil?

Kasie adds this little anecdote: “On Tuesday, the bus nearly hit a biker turning off of Pine Street in Philadelphia.” Really Kasie? Nearly hit a biker? A large bus was making a turn on a narrow street and nearly hit a biker? What constitutes “nearly”? Is that like the time you nearly convinced me you were an objective journalist? Because, honestly, it really wasn’t that close. Pics or it didn’t happen Kasie. What surprises the hell out of me is that intrepid reporter, Kasie Hunt, having witnessed all these traffic violations, didn’t see fit to whip out her cell phone and take pics or even a video? As it is, most of us are left with the bitter aftertaste of dealing with a reporter who sounds completely full of shit. Which is par for the course for liberal hacks pretending to be objective reporters.

Hunt continues: “the bus ran at least two red lights racing up Sixth Avenue and through Columbus Circle in Midtown Manhattan.” Now I actually lived in Midtown Manhattan and spent a good bit of time around Columbus Circle. Newsflash, Kasie: IT’S MANHATTAN! And what’s this ‘at least two red lights’ garbage? Did you lose count or something? Were you distracted because colleague, Jim VandeHei, was texting his crotch-shots again? I’m surprised Kasie didn’t keep track of the number of times Palin’s bus slammed on the gas when the light turned yellow!

There’s more from Kasie: “…the trailing car in the entourage ran two red lights after the bus barely made it through the yellow, as did the media caravan, leaving behind a traffic jam for the locals.” Barely made it through a yellow??? Have you ever driven a car in your life, Kasie? What the hell?! How does one barely make it through a yellow? What does that even mean? (What’s bizarre is how detached Kasie’s driving snitchery is from the realities of day-to-day driving). You know, when you’re in the middle of an intersection on a yellow (or even a red), you’re allowed to make your turn. And leaving behind a traffic jam? That’s Palin’s fault too? As if she dropped an atom bomb, and left Hiroshima in her wake. Why stop there? Why not pin the start of World War I on her too? (Forget the Archduke Ferdinand, it was Sarah Palin and her bus that prompted it all). By the way, Kasie, I can’t wait to see your upcoming features on Obama’s motorcade clogging up traffic in Los Angeles (or the next time he’s in midtown Manhattan on date-night with Michelle). Is this really how Kasie Hunt wants to make a name for herself? Kasie Hunt: Traffic Snitch!

Finally: “The reporters who are speeding, tailgating, cutting off other cars, blasting through roundabouts and passing on the right in an effort to keep up, say they have no other choice since they never know what Palin’s up to or where she’s headed..” Well, considering you’re following a woman who is, at this point, a private citizen and NOT a presidential candidate, reporters are under no real obligation to do any of these things. Especially for a woman who they despise so much. So why are they so obsessed with following a private citizen they loathe anywhere? For finding the one error that will make sure she’s never able to be President of this country. Palin derangement syndrome.

What makes Kasie Hunt dishonest is the attempt to conflate the driving habits of the bus driver(s) with Sarah Palin. As if Sarah Palin was actually driving the bus herself or the driver was given orders directly from Sarah Palin on how to drive (presumably to screw with the reporters following her) and this reflects on Palin as a presidential contender (i.e. that she’s a reckless loose cannon). In short, reporters will draw no inferences from Obama sitting in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s pews all those years (and how it might reflect on his leftist whackadoo ideology), but intrepid Liberal Hack reporter, Kasie Hunt, has no problem inferring that, because Sarah Palin drove in a bus that went over the speed limit, we can draw the conclusion that Palin is unfit to be President. Seriously Kasie? Is this how you’ve decided to put your masters in sociology to good work? Chronicling the driving habits of bus drivers? Hit pieces on women who aren’t spectators but actual participants in the world?

How many times has a Joe Biden motorcade been involved, not just in an accident with a bystander (1? 2? 3?), but in an accident that led to someone’s death? In each instance the reporters don’t personalize Biden’s involvement in the motorcade, except to say that his security detail or motorcade was involved in an accident. There’s no great sermonizing about the hazards of the Biden motorcade or the hardships endured by reporters.

What do you want to bet that Candidate Obama may have been inside a speeding vehicle that raced past a red light at some point in 2008? Would you have reported it, Kasie? I hope not, because it’s not newsworthy.

To be clear, criticizing Palin is not the problem. There are a million and one things to go after, but if you’re critiquing her drivers then you’re basically telling the world you’ve got nothing. When you’re carefully gauging your speedometer and using that to indict a person, it tells the world that you’re a sleaze, and most people, myself included, would be trying to speed away from you too. Because, on top of being a Liberal Whackadoo pretending to be a Journalist/Reporter, you’re also a Five-Star creep. And now wherever you go, whatever you do the rest of your career, this POLITICO article will follow you. Kasie Hunt has no credibility as a reporter or objective, fair-minded journalist.



  1. Well said.

  2. Excellent post. You are entirely correct. Unfortunately, this story smells of a Pulitzer.

  3. Yes, very well said.

  4. Loved the article.
    I hope that ditz reads this and learns something. However, I really doubt she will, learn something that is.


  6. One thing I learned in 40 plus years in the newspaper business is that when a reporter makes such statements as, “Journalists say…” or things of that nature, it means the reporter is either making up the story out of whole cloth or it’s just one reporter talking to another reporter. Hunt is such a fraud.

  7. Well if you engage your spoonerism device K-asie H-unt becomes H-asie K-oops!

  8. There are worse things than lying, money-grubbing hacks: there are the political whores, trigs and pimps who call themselves EDITORS who actually rewrite and publish this garbage.
    Perhaps H-asie K-oops is not entirely the scum her article suggests she is; I believe she floats a few inches off bottom. Below her (verbigracia!) are those who really are bottom (verbigracia) feeders who actually eat up Ms.Hasie Kunt’s effulvia!

  9. She didn’t like the bus tour. She didn’t offer an operational definition of “nearly.” She used the word “stormed” metaphorically in the same sentence that referred to a tornado. What does that — or anything else — have to do with her claim that she will avoid presenting an ideological point of view? (Which the author of this piece ran smack into.) The title of Hunt’s piece was “Sarah Palin’s Tour a Rolling Menace.” The quoted comments are about the bus they were traveling on. From this, we deduce that Kasie Hunt is no more than “a liberal hack.”

  10. LOL—I don’t know what drugs you are on, but Kasey Hunt is not only a very vocal Republican, she is also a former Bush staffer. She also campaigned for Mitt Romney as a press aide.

  11. And coming back a few years later proved two things, she has grown into a very respectable unbiased reporter, and the author of this story is nothing but a losing political hack. No surprise there…

  12. Who has the more attractive body…Kasie or Katy Tur? Msnbc is not as generous in display as Fox. I like both of them, but Katy Tur is a real hero for coveing Trump like she has.

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