CNN: Just wanted to let you know I’m totally over Sarah Palin. I can’t stand her. But, anyway, I’m going to stop talking about her. She’s just so annoying. I don’t understand her, ya know?

NBC: Who does she think she is anyways? She thinks she can do what she’s doing without us? She’s nuts!

ABC: Hey guys….

CBS: I found her in Washington, and then she just took off without even telling me.

CNN: She did the same thing to me! 😦

NBC: Same here. LOL!

ABC: Who are you guys talking about?

NBC: Do you guys think she’s playing with us?

CNN: No way! We’re smarter than she is. And I have the best political team on television.

NBC: Ugh, give that sh*t a rest, CNN. That crap got old like 8 years ago.

CBS: I heard Sarah called you Lame, NBC.

NBC: Yeah, I think she was referring to all of us CBS! But thanks for the insight there.

CNN: She’s calling us lame? That’s so rude. She’s just completely ignoring me and it’s really starting to piss me off. Then I found  her in Boston, and I was trying to talk to her but she just dissed me. Like, why? What did I ever do to her, ya know? I thought we were cool, but she’s just being so weird about everything.

NBC: Whatever. I’m so over her. I’m not going to talk about her anymore. Ugghh. I’m just so over her. She’s so infuriating. Did you see her? She looks good.

ABC: Who looks good?

CNN: ABC, keep up or STFU!

CBS: I think she’s still pretty mad about the way we treated her in 2008.

CNN: Get over it already.

NBC: That would be so awesome to get back together with her. I mean, we could get back with her for a little bit, earn her trust some, and then do what we did last time.

CBS: That would be sweet.

CNN: Great idea NBC! We should totally do that.

NBC: Anyway, I need to do a puff piece on Obama. Again.

CBS: Me too.

CNN: Hate Palin! I’m soo not talking about her anymore….but, hey, do you guys seriously think she’d want to get back together?


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