MYTH OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR — CFP: “The welfare state can’t solve any of the problems that those liberal sociologists thought it could. But the political machines who authorized the spending never wanted the problems solved.”

Daniel Greenfield writes from Canada Free Press: “The myth of public sector altruism rarely takes stock of the conflict between inner and outer goals. Even when teachers’ and nurses’ unions hold angry protests over benefits during an economic depression, this conflict rarely gets addressed. The myth that they are public servants who want nothing more than what’s best for their charges lives on. But like everyone else they are human beings. Their interests are their own. Some are idealistic enough to make sacrifices or to want what is best for the people under their care, even when it’s to their own detriment. But this is not the case for the majority in any field. Moments of heroism aside.

The public sector’s inner goal is to bring in more funding and create more jobs. Not out of any altruistic impulse, but because it expands the power and wealth of its own administrators and bosses, whether in an agency or a union. A bigger agency has more sway in funding battles. Its incestuous relationships with unions and clients means that it is better positioned to demand more money and hold off any cuts. The agencies and unions boast their own private armies which bring in money. The money is given by politicians in exchange for support and used as currency to expand the ranks of that army. The army is there to support the politicians during elections. And to combat any attempts to cut the money coming into its coffers.

Read Daniel Greenfield’s “Socialism’s Army of Occupation” at Canada Free Press]


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