PLOWING THE FIELD FOR OBAMA — Media Matters Head: “a senior female Democratic operative had seen a tape of Michelle Obama ranting about white people.”

Barney Frank (middle), David Brock (right)

Larry Johnson over at his blog says that David Brock of Media Matters, the far left Soros-subsidized propaganda outfit, had told him back in 2008 that a tape existed of Michelle Obama, spouting off about “whitey”. Johnson wrote, “David Brock started the story and I took the bait. Now he wants to pretend that there is no there there? Fascinating.”

Johnson’s blog entry pointed out the hypocrisy of a recent Media Matters blog entry critiquing Mychal Massie’s column about Michelle Obama where Massie mentions the tape: “A tape that was reportedly filmed in 2004 during the Rainbow/Push Coalition Conferenceat Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church has mysteriously disappeared from public view. The tape allegedly showed Michelle Obama hysterically ranting about “Whiteys” and savagely attacking Bill Clinton as responsible for African genocide. The wife of Louis Farrakhan was one of the honored guests. (; “What’s Up With the Michelle Obama Whitey Tape”; June 4, 2008)

Massie’s column is an interesting read and includes the line: “These people are not liberals – they are Marxist-Leninists in mindset, belief, association and action. Liberals don’t govern as they are – they govern as Marx advocated and Lenin did.”

Question: Was David Brock spinning Larry Johnson? Media Matters was originally a Hillary Clinton operation. If Clinton’s people had this tape, there’s a case to be made that they’d never turn it over to the media or give it to a Republican for public consumption. Clinton would know that such a tape would permanently damage  Obama who, at that point, was the new star of the Democrat party. Democrats would never forgive her and she’d have no place in the party. But she could hold it over his head and leverage it (into a Secretary of State post?).


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