The above image represents what Republicans imagine Chris Christie, aka Jimmy Chitwood, will do in November of 2012 against the Obama powerhouse.

Today is a big day for Chris Christie fans. A team of investors and Republican heavies are going to meet with the New Jersey governor and pitch him on the idea of taking on Obama in 2012. Christie has insisted numerous times he’s not interested.

The press would have us believe that the current crop of candidates is a bit light, and that Christie is needed if the GOP desires to make a serious run at The One. We contend that there are only two things needed to defeat Obama: fundamentals and defense. If Christie doesn’t want to participate in the struggle for America’s future, that’s up to him. As coach Norm Dale said, “My team is on the floor.”

Still, we love the dramatic, and we’re hopeful that around September, October, November of this year as the MSM is hounding Sarah Palin to drop out of the race, Chris Christie might lumber into a townhall and announce , “Don’t know if it makes any difference, but I figure it’s time I get in the race.. [RAUCOUS APPLAUSE]…One other thing: I play, Sarah Palin stays. She goes, I go.”


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