ATTN: DAVID BROOKS — The planet you’re living on? Describe it please….

David Brooks (h/t Newsbusters) on the momentum of the Jon Hunstman campaign: “Jon Huntsman. Among those who talk about those things, the former governor of Utah, his stock has suddenly risen and I would say he seems to have entered the big three of Huntsman, Pawlenty and Romney.”

The big three….what? Losers??

May 19 — Suffolk poll : Jon Huntsman receives less than 1 percent

And according to The State Column: “The potential Republican presidential candidate trails nearly every potential Republican presidential candidate, including Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.”

May 24 — CNN/WMUR poll released by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center (source: The State Column): “Mr. Huntsman received just 4 percent support.”

May 24 — Gallup Poll: Hunstman at 2%.

May 28th — Opinion Research Corp. (source: sunshinestate news): “Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico and former Gov. Jon Huntsman of Utah — had 1 percent each”



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