AGAIN WITH THE GOLF?? “Barack Obama’s decision to play golf on Memorial Day was disrespectful and hardly presidential”

[Read Niles Gardner’s critique from the UK Telegraph]

OUR COMMENTARY: Most class-conscious Liberals despise the game of golf. They view it as the sport of fat-cat bankers, Republicans, and anyone who can be referred to as ‘the man’. So it must kill Obama’s progressive base to see him hitting the links. Time after time after time after time. No doubt, they’ll still defend him (e.g. ‘why are guys complaining about him playing golf? He can do whatever he wants to do? Bush played golf, etc.). And, it’s true, we have no complaint with the man playing his rounds of golf whenever he wants to. But I’ll bet progressives aren’t exactly thrilled that The One has picked golf as his sport of choice.

Progressives would be more  thrilled if Obama had constructed a soccer futbol field behind the White House. And rather than hear he was out on the golf course (again), they’d be overjoyed to see him on said soccer futbol field in an actual jersey (Real Madrid because he thinks it’ll lock up the Hispanic vote….yeah, don’t ask), playing five on five with members of his staff (but keep Weiner away from the interns), and then chugging a beer afterwards (ideally, a Pabst Blue Ribbon: ya know, to lock up that hipster vote in Brooklyn).

And if Obama gets desperate and needs to woo the NPR vote and the easily swayed, he can always consider planting an AP photo of him playing chess with a kitten. It’ll look cute and the game will be fair (though I hear Obama’s partial to the Queen’s Gambit Declined).


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