MSM MEME on Gingrich: “Let’s blow this Tiffany’s account way out of proportion”

 We’re not necessarily big Newt Gingrich supporters here, but this story serves as a great example of how the MSM will attempt to savage conservative candidates in the upcoming year. There’s a non-story within the MSM circles faking concern over Newt Gingrich’s credit account at Tiffany’s. Politico reported the story that Gingrich owed a quarter mill to half a million on credit.

How does any of it matter? This morning MSNBC’s Savannah Guthrie kept the story going, pulling the old “in this economy it’ll be difficult for Gingrich to relate to the common man” charge.

Here’s the problem: Gingrich isn’t a class-conscious Marxist who is known for his touch with the ‘common man’. MSNBC at one point this morning made the laughable observation that Gingrich is thought of as “frugal” and “fiscally conservative” (!!). Hilarious! It shows that MSNBC either doesn’t understand the idea behind fiscal conservatism or they assume their audience is too stupid to know the difference. NEWSFLASH MSM Liberals: Fiscal conservative is about government spending. It doesn’t literally mean it’s poo-pooed upon for an individual, a private citizen at that, to spend their own money however they wish. The general idea is to live within your means. But, let me get this right: you have a problem with someone spending an exorbitant amount of money by charging it on credit? Is that right? I wonder how MSNBC would feel about someone spending $5 TRILLION of someone else’s money! That would be quite the story, no?

Slate writes about the Gingrich’s much-to-do-about-nothing with faux-concern: “…but it is likely to make it difficult for Gingrich to portray himself as a man of the people”. Again, who cares about this ‘man of the people’ garbage? Americans want strong, executive leadership, NOT Ernesto “Che” Guevera living amongst the poor in a leper colony. Americans aren’t looking for someone who could fit into a Bruce Springsteen song. (And didn’t liberals resent the fact that voters elected George W. Bush because they’d rather have a beer with him over Al Gore and John Kerry?). Most Americans would likely prefer someone who has done well for himself  financially and can afford a high-end expense account at Tiffany’s (sign of success and all). Tiffany’s isn’t my thing, but good for Newt Gingrich.

The next concern is that he’s a man who doesn’t pay off his debt. Concern troll liberal Jonathan Capehart at the Washington Post wrote about his own charge card account at Tiffany’s, “On the rare occasions I do use it, the bill is paid in full.” Way to be fiscally responsible there, Jonathan. And of course on some occasions one can also take on a debt that can be paid out over time on with schedule payments and a certain interest rate (e.g. student loans) because you end up paying less over a fixed amount of time rather than if you’d just paid the thing off in full. Sometimes that can make fiscal sense as well, no?

Gingrich said on Face The Nation: “We’re private citizens. I work very hard. We have a reasonably good income. I currently owe nothing except I owe one mortgage on a house that’s rental property in Wisconsin.” Gingrich continued, “Everything else is totally paid for. My home is paid for. My cars are paid for. We don’t have a second house. We don’t do– you know, we don’t do elaborate things.”

Justin Elliot at Salon wrote: “The idea that Gingrich and his wife are “frugal” would seem on its face to be at odds with that epic Tiffany’s bill.”

But as Gingrich said, “We, in fact, live within our budget. We owe nothing.” And that’s the whole point. Gingrich isn’t a liberal pretending to be a working class hero. He can spend time at expensive hotels, wear expensive model watches, and hang out in Italian resorts. If, after all that, he owes nothing, he’s living within his budget, then the rest is none of Elliot’s concern.  This is nothing but fake outrage.

Another theme here is the concern troll aspect. Here we have a group of liberals-pretending-to-be-journalists expressing their “concern” over who the Republicans nominate as their candidate in 2012. I’m sure Republican voters have their own set of criteria to measure candidates, and I’m guessing this ‘man of the people’, ‘common man’ garbage isn’t part of it. But, thanks MSNBC! MSNBC is like one of those women on the Real Housewives shows who pretends to be concerned about someone they truly loathe, just so they can manipulate them, get information, and then talk smack about them in the on-air confessional segment two seconds later.

By the way, it’s sweet of MSNBC to be so concerned about the common man. We didn’t know you cared so much about us little people! Thanks, MSNBC! Hey, can we hang out and have wine and cheese at your Upper West Side condo next weekend? Hello?

I can’t wait for MSNBC’s upcoming stories on how gangster rappers are trading in their roots in the ‘hood for million dollar mansions, Cristal, Chinchilla, Fendi handbags for their ladies, and gold-plated rims. How can they continue to rap about their time in the ‘hood, right MSNBC? Someone must take them to task and I’m sure Savannah Guthrie is the lady to do it.


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