Obama Hires Progressive to Man the Interwebs for Content That Makes His Boss Look Bad

Yesterday the White House named Jesse Lee the new — now let me make sure I get this right: Director of Progressive Media & Online Response. Presumably the first part of that resume stuffer is to outreach to the nuts at the lefty, pinko commie rags. Just to make sure they know, Hey, Obama may be talking like a moderate-centrist today, but that’s just so he can get reelected. And once we get back in the White House, we’re going to go The Full Socialist. So just hang in there. XOXO, Jesse Lee

The second part — Online Response — has been the cause of some consternation as various outlets have interpreted the true  nature of the post in different ways. Is it a watchdog? Propaganda outfit? We shall see. But if itemizing empirical facts about the Obama administration is wrong, then he’s going to be pretty busy on that twitter feed. The real question: what exactly is he going to do to rebut “objectionable” blog content? We all know what the power of the White House can do, but does the White House really want to get into gutter wars with istillthinkobamaisakenyan.com?

Lee in an effort to broadcast his masculine bona fides announced his presence on the twitter verse with the metallic skull face of the Terminator. This is of course typical of liberals overcompensating with the aggressive, physically violent projections of what they believe to be their true selves. But, okay, we’ll play along: damn Jesse, you’re like the terminator and what not, you must really mean business! I’m not messin’ with you…

In the meantime we’d like to point out a few things: 1. [Spoiler Alert for the Terminator trilogy] Invariably the Terminator is actually the bad guy. So credit to Mr. Lee for at last acknowledging which side he’s on. Also, the Terminator always gets his (or her) lights put out in the end, typically in a gruesome fashion. So, far all the bravado, Mr. Lee: you’re really out of your depth.  2. Jesse Lee’s wife is Nita Chaudhary of progressive lefty moveon.org fame. She may or may have been the creative genius behind the General Petraues Betray Us rhyming scheme. Love those couplets, Chaudhary.


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